life lessons from my dad

1. You can always do another chin up if you set your mind to it.

2. Being aware in the moment will keep you safe.

3. Be passionate in life, food, health and love.

4. Treat travelers to your city like long-lost friends because they will quickly become friends and you will then have new places to visit your new long-lost friends.

5. Travel. Lots. Learn many languages so you can meet new people in the places where you travel. This leads to an extraordinary diversity of holiday cards!

6. You are never too old to learn something new.

7. Your children are never living too far away for you to help them with their home renovations. And support their decorating vision - even if they want to paint their walls high-gloss fuschia.

8. Retirement isn't the end of an era, it's an opportunity to reinvent oneself.

9. A solid accordionist can add a certain something to any band – reggae, country, pop, latin, klezmer… even hip hop!

10. Take any and every opportunity to jump into a polka contest – even if you are uninvited, you could win a trophy!

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You truly honour me with your response…thank you, Precious. But hey, you forgot to mention “control your credit, or it will control you”. And, one should always find time to enjoy a Grouse Grind with one’s awesome daughter.

Comment by Dad — June 22, 2009 @ 8:54 am

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