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The golden ticket to Coachella

If you are reading this in the back seat of a car while en route to Palm Springs for the Coachella Music Festival, congratulations! You have made a fantastic life decision. Our resident music maven couldn't agree more. Inspired by Coachella, Alexis offered to share her sage advice on the subject of summer concerts. We happily obliged (and took feverish notes).

alexis talks coachella

I had the pleasure of attending the 2006 Coachella Music Festival and had the time of my life. Unlike an indoor concert, which is also rad, outdoor festivals are about more than just great music. It’s about taking part in a weekend experience that revolves around joy, human connection, and just letting go and living in the moment.

Music creates the possibility to completely ditch our traditional views on boundaries. If you want to muscle your way to the front of the crowd, panting off every word of your favorite song without thinking about personal space and mingling sweat, you can. Stop and think about the wonder of that, really. Where else would you do this - the bus? The possibility to drop our inhibitions and lose ourselves in a beautiful moment - what a revolutionary and special opportunity.

Jaci's Coachella treasure box

what to see & hear at coachella

If you're headed to Coachella, take note of the list below. It may possibly have the longest title and it surely has the most valuable information you need for the weekend.

Top Five Bands In The Fine Print of The Coachella Poster That You Will Be Bummed About Missing In Five Years If You Don’t Go Now

Yelle – Can you say ‘dance party’ in French? You will be able to after this kinetic show.

City and Colour – Your eyes aren’t playing tricks…there IS an extra ‘u’ in ‘Colour,’ eh! These Canadian dudes are absolutely amazing.

Two Door Cinema Club – All my friends in the know swear these guys are the next big thing. See them now before you’re paying triple digits for club shows.

The Foals – See above statement.

DeloreanAny band that names themselves after the car in ‘Back To The Future’ can’t suck – it’s science!

the biggest little wristband

The biggest little wristband

lex's guide to summer festivals

As a veteran of many outdoor music festivals, I can tell you that there are things that you will be happy you have with you – items that can save your happiness and keep you grooving. (We're talking about more than the wristband to get you inside the gates.) If you're Coachella-bound, you've already packed but there is still a long season of summer concerts ahead. Take my word and be sure to pack the following, no matter which festival you flock to.

Top Ten Items You Must Pack In Order to Keep Your Sanity

Lip balm – Running around in the summer heat? No matter how much water you drink, you will be dehydrated.

Fanny pack – Trust me. You think a trendy bag is a great idea for your perfectly planned hipster outfit? You won’t be thinking that when your keys are on the bottom of the mosh pit at Kings Of Leon. We actually make a wicked fanny pack perfect for hands-free partying. You can most likely find it at your local store. 

Denim cutoffs – They go with everything, they get better the dirtier they are, and nothing is hotter than a white tank, a bikini top, and your favorite old jeans hacked up.

Wunder Under Crops - I’m not even saying this because I work at lululemon, guides honor. When I went to Coachella (pre-working here), these were my staples. Perfect for changing into post-show if you’re camping, a great layer under a mini-dress if the weather is cloudy, great for the tired drive or flight home…you will be glad you packed these.

A really stylish hat – You can take any outfit from 0 to 60 with an original and stylish hat – plus sunburns are SO passé (Mom alert: remember your sunscreen!)

Floral-print minidress – The trend of the season and hippy-ish enough for your Woodstock moment.

Jewel-tone lipstick – You can be wearing the most boring getup ever but swipe on rich coral lipstick and VOILA! You are the most on-point member of your crew.

Comfortable shoes that aren’t ugly – So we wouldn’t want you to wear orthopedic shoes with your designer frock, but heels + crowds + grass fields and your dogs will be barking. My grandma used to tell me to be good to my feet and I think you should listen to my grandma.


The lucky owner of the biggest little wristband

Rock star sunglasses – They will be in every picture from your weekend. If they are the weak link in your bag, fix it – you will regret beat shades.

Socks – Your feet are going to be dancing machines. Slather on moisturizer and throw on socks during your voyage home. They won’t be as trashed when you wake up in real life.

Now go! Have the weekend of your life! And write us to let us know how it went – we are vicariously living in the moment through you (and Jacqueline, the lucky owner of that sexy wristband). Shine on you crazy diamonds!

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very cool. Alexis we should get together so that we can be music know-it-alls together.

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