london recap

getting ready for a day of cheering

To wrap up her London experience, our ambassador Jaime shares the top ways she stayed balanced as she cheered and yoga-ed her way through the 2012 Games.

Don’t you just love what the cool global sporting event is all about? Whether we have any affiliation with a team or not, we can’t help but get swept away by the stories, athleticism, and inspiring moments. Here are the things I learned during my experience that kept me balanced and ready to take it all in.

be a multitasker

Cheering on the athletes

While I was chanting “Braaaa-zeeeel” and “Germany” in my most authentic accent possible (which unfortunately was not very authentic at all), I was constantly eyeing my Twitter feed to stay up-to-date with my water polo girls (go USA!) who were also playing in a gold medal match at the same time.

A tweet here, a tweet there, and the game was flying by just as quickly as the beach volleyball. I was filled with nervous energy and excitement for both the game I was watching in person and the one I was following online. Multi-tasking never felt so productive.

do yoga

Yoga is a universal language and we all add our own accents to it. I loved experiencing London’s. These are the yogalicious spots I checked out (all part of our Passport to Yoga): Indaba, The Life Centre, Evolve Wellness Centre, TriYoga, and YogaHaven. As a spectator, you'll spend a lot of time in the edge of your seat and yoga will help keep you limber throughout your time cheering.

appreciate the moment

CGSE recap

Of course, an event as epic as the Olympics calls for celebrating. Don't forget to enjoy Pimm’s o’clock, take in your surroundings, and appreciate the moment. Watching all the athletes, my hope is that each person is able to eventually look back and be wholeheartedly proud of what they’ve accomplished. A single moment like this is only as memorable as the journey that brought you to it.

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So nice to hear that other people discovered Evolve! That’s where I went on my tour-de-yoga (in Europe). Loved this studio.

Comment by Diana — August 16, 2012 @ 3:18 pm

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