lululemon elite ambassadors

lululemon athletica elite ambassadors

What is an elite ambassador you may ask? Well, they are our international rock stars, athletes of an elite level (think Olympians) that choose to train and/or compete in our fantastic product because it is the best in the world. Further to that, they are members of our lululemon family. We don't pay athletes to wear our clothes, as that's just not the way we roll. Instead, we support them with product and anything else (within reason) they request from us - e.g. yoga classes, training accommodation and our personal favourite, the LEAFS (lululemon elite ambassador fan club).

So now you're asking who are the LEAFS? Well, last year we asked one of our favourite elite ambassadors, Olympic gold medalist skier Jenn Heil, what she would like from us, and her answer was humble, grateful, and very Jenn. She said simply that she would love people at the finish of her competitions holding signs, cheering her on, and supporting her. Jackpot - we can totally handle that! Flash forward six months and the LEAFs were born.

Throughout this past winter at all the pre-Olympic World Cup test events, we, as in 20-40 lululemon employees, were out in full force cheering on our elite ambassadors as they competed in the World Cup circuit. We had signs, buttons, beverages, cow bells, and our booming voices.

The pic above says it all. We are grassroots and we love it that way! And yes, that is our fearless CEO and LEAF keener Christine Day on the left standing next to one of our elites, Sara Renner – Olympic silver medalist in cross country skiing.

We currently support over 60 elite ambassadors, and our pool of amazing athletes that love us is constantly growing.

Allison Forsyth
2X Olympian / lululemon Athlete Coordinator

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Que felicidad transmiten!!!,me gustaría que Lululemon y su filosofia llegará a mi país,(Chile).
Me encanta este sitio web!!!,me encanta la ropa Lulu,la conocí en Whistler cuando acompañé a mi hijo y sobrino a esquiar en ese maravilloso lugar.
Ana María

Comment by Ana María Del Fierro O. — May 15, 2009 @ 8:44 am

Es verdad! esta ropa es muy comoda y bella…!!! deberia de tener mas presencia en América Látina! traté de hacer una compra online y no lo logré por el mismo problema q estamos en otros paises… ojala lean esto y puedan incluir en América Látina su ropa deportiva Lululemon que es grandiosa….!!! saludos… Lana Pulis

Comment by Lana Pulis — May 29, 2009 @ 7:35 am

queremos una consecion en chile por favor queremos lululemon en chile

Comment by luis espinoza — November 23, 2010 @ 1:04 pm

lululemon clothes it is an asset to every practical woman, that strive to look her best at the time of exercising allowing her to complement a relax,busy and professional life style; therefore Lululemon finest range of sport clothing will be very welcome and appreciate in Chile.I am sure many Chilean woman like Me:-) share only the best hopes in see very soon Lulu- stores in our wonderful Chile.
Kind regards to all

Comment by Carola Flandez — October 22, 2011 @ 1:31 am

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