lululemon la jolla beach clean up

October 16th
Moonlight Beach, California

Last weekend our lululemon La Jolla store manager Catherine organized a yoga session to kick-off the Moonlight Beach cleanup in Encintas, California.  Surfers, yogi's and beach-loving community members came out to stretch and bend together, first in downward dog, then by lending a hand to help tidy up their shoreline. As you can see, it doesn't take much. Just a few people with passion can make a difference.

yoga on the beach with lululemon store manager

eco friendly yoga on the beach

yoga and the moonlight beach clean up

eco friendly boy cleaning up the beach

keeping california beaches clean with lululemon

athletic apparel perfect for beach cleaning

yoga pants are perfect for cleaning the beach up

Interested in getting involved in a little beach tidy-up? Stop by or contact our La Jolla, San Diego store.

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