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Walnut Creek Cupcakes

Last Sunday I was poking around our stores' Facebook pages (my usual Sunday morning routine) and I stumbled upon an album that our Kingston, Ontario store created. It was a collection of pictures of cakes, cookies, and other lululemon themed confectionery delights!

The baker, the crafter, and the cupcake eater in me thought that this would make a perfect monthly challenge for November. And so, I asked the troops on Facebook what they thought about a baking themed challenge. Within minutes our fans were begging to be judges, volunteering up recipes, and practically pre-heating the oven! And so, our November monthly challenge was born.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it:

1. Create a lululemon themed sweet treat (I'm baking a cake shaped like Groove Pants - with the Winter quilting themed groove band. I've already heard rumblings of a Ta Ta Tamer cake / cupcake combo).
2. Take some pictures of your culinary creations and share it with us on our Facebook Wall, in our Flickr Group, or email them to You never know what we have up our sleeves.
3. Eat said confectionery delights or share with someone in need of a little sweet treat! Everything in moderation right? I like to bake with the music cranked - that way I get a little cardio with my cooking.

There are no rules, and no limits! Want some inspiration? Check out the creations our stores have come up with over the years below:

ecommerce cupcakes

Above: This April, to celebrate the launch of our new online store, our QA Manager whipped up a batch of cupcakes to keep our energy high as we tested through the night!

cupcake power

Above: A tower of cupcakes at our Palo Alto store. That icing looks good!

manhasset cake

Above: lululemon Manhassat cake, from Manhassat, New York. Love the writing: Live long, live healthy, live fun!

6th & lamar

Above: 6th & Lamar ambassador cupcakes from Austin, Texas. They asked their newest ambassador to join the team via a cupcake message. I wonder when the first lululemon cupcake proposal will be?

GEC cookie

Above: A giant workday cookie at our Guest Education Center.

Chinook cookies

Above: Calgary Chinook warehouse sale cookies, from Calgary, Alberta.

Columbus cookies

Above: Columbus Ohio cookies. The icing looks thicker than the cookie!

Galleria Cake

Above: A lululemon Dallas Galleria cake, in Dallas Texas.

Halifax cupcakes

Above: Cupcakes from our Halifax store! My stomach is growling!

oakbrook cookies

Above: Oak Brook appies ... and yogo shaped cookies of course.

whyte avenue cake

Above: Two lululemon Whyte Avenue cakes, from Edmonton, Alberta!

garden state plaza cookies

Above: Garden State Plaza lululemon cookies! From Paramus, New Jersey!

Paramus Bagels

Above: Bagels, yes, bagels! From our Garden State Store. Props for creativity!

Lecagy Place Treats

Above: Sugary delights from our Legacy Place store in Dedham, Massachusetts!

Managers munching

Above: At our recent manager's conference we kept our energy high with yogo topped cupcakes, c/o Chix (see below).


Above: Chix, our QA Manager, has a sweet tooth too. Her BHAG is to be the top cake designer in the world. She can test her skills on all of us this month for sure!

Want to learn more about our monthly challenge? Visit our website here:

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I LOVE these! Very cute and a nice way to brand Lulu!

Comment by becky — November 4, 2009 @ 1:23 pm

very cute i think ill try to make them there awsome

Comment by kassidy — November 5, 2009 @ 7:18 pm

What a fun challenge! I’m in fo sure! Will spend te weekend in the kitchen :)

Comment by Bodil — November 6, 2009 @ 10:52 am

This is adorable! And yes, it definitely has my mouth watering!

Comment by healthy ashley — November 15, 2009 @ 6:18 pm

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