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The whole crew sporting lululemon

Recently the Biggest Loser teamed up with Tri California to complete an Olympic distance triathlon. Eileen Swanson, a lululemon ambassador and educator at our Walnut Creek store, and her husband had the amazing opportunity to work as the Biggest Loser's coaches for this race! Read about their experiences below:

The group minus Holly and Coleen

Reid and I were honored to have the amazing opportunity to change the lives of 16 inspiring individuals (Biggest Loser finalists and winners from the past 7 seasons) by coaching them to be able to complete the San Francisco Triathlon on July 12th. We sent them each a training plan to get ready for this race in 6 weeks. Not much time, but we knew they could do it!

The day before the triathlon, Reid and I did a walk-through of the course with all the athletes. This was so much fun. I love answering question from first-time athletes. They were all so excited, it was refreshing. Each and every former BL contestant we met was super friendly, sweet, and eager to listen and learn.


After the walk-through we were off to a media lunch at Joe’s Grill in the city. It was a delicious lunch and great time to get to know each other better. I sat with Heba & Ed (finalists season 6), Coleen (season 5), Ali (winner season 5), Pete (at home winner season 4), Suzy (2nd place season 2) and Holly (finalist season 4). It was interesting and inspiring to hear how each individual ended up on the TV show and to hear how motivated they were to compete in a triathlon.

The triathlon morning came quicker than expected for all. Reid and I helped each athlete get set up in the transition area, worked on their bikes, helped put on wetsuits and gave some last minute advice. Whoa, there was some serious energy in the transition area. We all had an amazing time watching these newbies get ready for an experience of a lifetime!

Pre swim

The swim start was unreal. I was brought to tears watching all of these athletes giving each other high fives in the water, screaming with joy, and seeing the happiness written all over their faces.

Holly, flyin' on the run

The run was an incredible sight to watch. Heba, Ed, Matt, Pete, Bernie, Blaine, Coleen and Dane looked strong and were always so happy to be out there on the run course and loved the cheers from everyone. Nothing explains this better than some pics of those big smiles. The best part of this amazing weekend was watching each one of these amazing individuals cross the finish line with so much joy! Incredible! It was an absolutely surreal moment. We, as coaches, could not have asked for a better fairytale ending. Congratulations to all Biggest Losers! You truly are inspiring, amazing individuals. Anything really is possible. Keep it going…

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Congratulations to you all! I am a huge fan of both Lululemon and Biggest Loser. I never miss the show and it’s so great to see two of my favorite “Brands” come together for such a wonderful event!

Comment by Deborah — July 24, 2009 @ 11:24 am

Thanks so much for everything you and Reid and Tri-California did to help us complete our first Triathlon.

One of the coolest things about being on The Biggest Loser (besides gaining my health) is the opportunity to meet great people like you and Reid. I mean you all are real live Pros! How cool is that? I actually know somebody that races and WINS instead of just finishing like myself :-)

It was an amazing introduction to the sport.

My summary is over yonder.

Pete Thomas
BL Season 2

Comment by Pete — July 25, 2009 @ 4:57 pm

WOW what an inspiring story!! You folks are soooo supportive of everyone’s effort! Thanks for such upbeat reporting. Any chance you will soon be making great triathalon clothing?? With all the fun tris around you already have a captive market!!! Keep up the great work, great product and great attitude!! Way to go Biggest Losers sure turned into the Biggest Winners!!

Comment by eileen berling — July 27, 2009 @ 7:24 am

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