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This past Saturday, I did a power yoga class at YYoga with one of my favourite teachers, Danielle. She is fun, quirky, makes yoga challenging, and creates an inviting space that I want to come back to every week.

In her class, there are always a few moments where students are pushed beyond their limits, and it has nothing to do with a yoga pose.

yoga pose in lululemon clothing
Danielle creating the space for students to be open.

When Danielle makes her students connect, I am not talking about a simple “hi”, but the point in the class where she tells you to find someone and make eye contact with them -- a little stare-down with a stranger in the class. It may seem easy, but in every class you can see a room full of eyes struggling to stay calm and welcome someone new in. To be able to stop, stare and not be shy to look away is pretty tough!

Every class I walk away holding my head up a little higher and inspired to connect with new people.

Here are the words that the class left with: “Yoga is like life. Sometimes you’re going to get it and sometimes not, but you've got to keep trying.”

Who are you making a point to connect with?

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Danielle is an awesome teacher, so… many…. pushups… it’s an awesome class.

Great singer too.

Comment by Brendan — July 2, 2010 @ 11:52 am

So true – making eye contact can be pretty daunting sometimes, even mroe so when bent over backwards in rockstar! I usually wuss out after a second or two. Must work on that I guess :)

Comment by Lauren W — July 2, 2010 @ 8:43 pm

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