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Since March 2010 alpine skier Manny Osborne-Paradis has set his sights firmly on getting to Sochi next February. At the time I chatted to him, he was sitting in the second of four available spots for Sochi, and had a laser focus on placing in the top 12 in upcoming races in order to ensure his spot on the Canadian Olympic team going to Russia. I asked him about his beyond-the-Games goals.


• Run another successful season of Cowboys Camp. It’s a training camp for skilled racers who may not have access to funds to travel for race camps to get 1:1 coaching and mentorship from myself and my teammate Mike Janyk.
• Continue to build relationships with sponsors.
• Work with the team at Right to Play to create awareness and insight into their cause and the impact of play on children’s lives in Canada and globally.


• Compete at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.
• Make the podium/win multiple World Cups.
• Continue to race for the next five years.
• Take the Cowboys Camps to the next level including growing its number of annual participants.

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