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Above: Carolyn, our senior merchant for mens/accessories/outerwear hits the seawall for a run.

You've asked us to share more stories about the people that work behind the scenes here at lululemon! Today, we interviewed Carolyn, our senior merchant for mens/accessories/outerwear and asked her all our burning run questions.

What gets you up in the morning?

Honestly- my dogs licking my face! I’ve always been an early riser especially in the summer when there is beautiful weather to enjoy. I love an early morning run or hike - such an invigorating way to start the day.

When did you start running?

I have two first memories of running- the first was in 6th grade when I belonged to an after school track team and competed in the long jump, 100 yard dash and relay. My favorite (and second) memory is running with my best friend in junior high and high school - we used to run 2 miles downhill to a little corner store, buy Hostess donuts and a kiwi strawberry Snapple and then sit in the park sharing our delicious treats before WALKING back up the hill - not much running involved!

What about running do you like the most?

There are so many things I love about running - I love the social aspect of it, meeting new people and having great conversations during a long run (definitely makes you forget that you are running miles and miles). I also love going for runs by myself, listening to my ipod and losing myself in the music - I am convinced that my ipod knows me because it always seems to know what mood I am in and what songs I need to hear.

What are some of the biggest races you have been in?

Definitely the Boston Marathon - it was incredible being around such elite athletes, such an incredible experience. In 2006 I ran the Chicago Marathon - there were so many spectators throughout the whole course which was so awesome. The most random race I did was the Powerman Duathalon in Birmingham, Alabama. I did this through team and training in 2003 - it was the first time I had ever competed in a race with truly elite athletes. [Editor's note: read more about Carolyn's training for the Boston Marathon here]

What is your favourite running moment?

I have two favourite memories. The first was in 2006 when I ran Chicago. I ran it with a friend that I had trained with. We had been running together for about a year when we ran the marathon and it was her first marathon. I remember crossing the start line holding hands with a huge grin and teary eyes as I thought about the endless early morning runs through the snow and ice and how it had all brought us to that moment. We both qualified for Boston in that race. My second favourite memory was last December when at mile 24 my husband knowing that I qualified for Boston joined me for the last 2 miles and told me that he had already booked our trip to Boston.

What lululemon running product do you like the most and why?

There are so many - where to begin?-I love the Run:Ultra and Run:Speed short. The Empower Crop are definitely the best for spring and fall running. For tops, the Cool Racer back is perfect, light weight, comes in all different colours and works perfectly with a sports bra.

For fall running, what types of product do you recommend?

The Run:Hills pullover is fantastic - the cut is very feminine and the fabric feels like butter on your skin. I am a big fan of the Empower Crops as they are the perfect weight as the weather gets a little cooler. The Run:Swiftly top is also a favourite of mine. The fabric is incredibly soft while moisture-wicking and extremely breathable.

How do you describe the lululemon run line?

Candy - you want one of everything, and if you start with one you keep going back for more because the fit and feel of the product is amazing.

What are your running goals/BHAGS?

I think my biggest goal is to run a 3:05 marathon by the time I turn 35, so I have four years to train. Other than that, to always enjoy it and make it a part of my life. I never want to get to where I feel like I have to run - there are too many other things in life that we have to do.

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Do you mean you trained for the dualathon with Team in Training?

Comment by Ann — October 26, 2009 @ 1:04 pm

just read this post and then the one about training for boston… so inspiring! sounds like me, only you’re a few years ahead! i’m currently in the “running the UCLA perimeter” stage and running my first marathon in march :)

hope to one day run boston, and it is just so amazing how much you have cut your marathon time since running your first!

thanks again for this great post!

Comment by Sarah — October 26, 2009 @ 1:44 pm

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