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Meet Matt! When not spinning on his bike, he's creating a pipeline of greater leaders here at lululemon through his role as Leadership Trainer!

what is one of your biggest passions?

Being in front of a crowd. Be it hosting an event, performing on stage, leading a workshop, or kicking some quads in my spin class - I just love giving energy to an audience. It totally makes me come alive and refreshes me after a long day. The world is a stage and I love being on it, baby!

what is a goal you achieved that you're proud of?

In my first year at UBC, I tried out for the UBC Rowing Team having never rowed before. To give you some context, UBC's rowing program has sent 73 participants to the Olympics and has brought home over 40 Olympic medals. I was playing with the big boys to say the least. Morning try-outs and practices consisted of running the Wreck Beach stairs (3 times) as part of a morning run, ERG tests, and rowing in freezing cold water until your hands grew tough enough to take it. After our first, and possibly last, novice regatta, the list of who would be joining the team that year got posted on the side of a shed. I can vividly remember walking up to that shed and scrolling my finger down the list of names. Number 23: Matt Corker. That was the start of my three year rowing career and some of the best memories (and life lessons) I've ever had.

what gets you up in the morning?

Jason Mraz. My love of this man's music and outlook on life is not a secret by any stretch of the imagination. For the past 3 years, my CD-alarm clock has woke me up by blaring his tunes. I have a little dance party in my bed before I even get up in the morning. It's great!

what is your favourite way to sweat?

Right now, I am on a spin class kick. I started teaching spin classes earlier this summer and now get my sweat on on the bike three times a week. That being said, I enjoy a good hot yoga class to balance out my routine (Moksha, Bikram, or YHot). I'm also training to run the BMO Vancouver Marathon in 4 hours - so check back with me in May to see how that went!

what does your role elevate lululemon?

I have the privilege of getting all our new hires excited about and ready for their roles at lululemon. You could consider me the Director of First Impressions for the Store Support Centre. I lead our on-boarding training and help deliver other development opportunities for them as well. When I'm not working with the new faces, I work with our managers who have been with us less than a year to provide them with the skills and resources to be the best manager (and person) they can be. In short, I help great people achieve their goals and live a life they LOVE!! (It's pretty much the best job ever.)

That was Matt in whirlwind! Find out more about the life he is loving to live here at his blog

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so nice to meet you matt! can’t wait to work with you when i achieve my goal of moving to vancouver (and working at the SSC) in september 2011!


Comment by tiffany a. — October 5, 2010 @ 4:53 pm

LOVED reading about your position and all that you do for lululemon, your life, and the lives of others! I hope you come visit the Colorado stores sometime in the future. It would be a joy to learn from you :)


Comment by Alex Cordoba — October 19, 2010 @ 8:40 am

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