introducing our store development guru

Meet Melissa! She manages to mix work and play daily at her job in Store Development. She's regularly spotted breaking a sweat in a circuit training class, in between calls on her Blackberry (she's attached at the hip to that thing!). Melissa is a do-er, and though I haven't worked directly with her (yet!) she is known around the lululemon parts as someone who gets stuff done!

What do you do at lululemon?

I’m a Project Coordinator ... "What does that mean?" is usually the next question I get. Basically I manage the process of construction related projects. I do this for showrooms, minor works (adding slat walls, adding lighting, replacing floors etc), sweeps program, and open re-models (a renovation done on a store while it remains open).

What is a typical Monday like?

Oh Mondays... bike to work, Store Dev construction call where we discuss the progress of each new store we are working on, lots of email catch up, circuit training, get down to business. I like to leave Mondays somewhat free from meetings because there is lots of catch up from the weekend. You have to play the coast game, send out a bunch of emails Friday afternoon and by the time you get in Monday morning all your east coast people have gotten back to you, very helpful.

What are your quotes to live by?

Live simply, speak kindly, love generously, care deeply.

How do you sweat once a day?

Bike, circuit training and now the Grouse Grind. I like to mix it up or I get bored.

What is your 10 year goal?

Hmmm…. Blissfully married to the man of my dreams, living in Vancouver by the beach, working part time, traveling the rest.

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