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I was inspired to blog about the many conversations I keep overhearing between my boyfriend and his friends. I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard someone say “that’s lululemon?!” when talking about something Justin is wearing. Sometimes I have to bite my tongue, as I want to go off about how “we make more than black stretchy pants!” (though we are pretty good at that, too!).

After working for lululemon for almost two years now, my wardrobe is understandably about 80% luon. To many people’s surprise, my boyfriend’s closet is comparably stocked with lululemon, though you wouldn’t guess so at first glance.

I think the best thing about our men’s line is its versatility. Justin is no pro-athlete, but he is extremely active and our men’s product meets all of his needs.

I asked Justin what his favourite features of his lululemon pieces are, and have shared some images of these features in action below:

I. “Pockets! I love all of the pockets in my clothing… coin pockets are key so you don’t have to empty your pockets every time you’re active.”

golf tee pocket

coin pocket

II.“I like that I can throw on lululemon in the morning and know that I’m set for the rest of the day… no matter how it unfolds.”

roll out of bed and golf

III. “Durability. I need things that are easy to wash and can take some wear."

hard on the trails

So guys, next time your girlfriend/wife is dragging you into your local store, rather than finding the closest reading material, take a wander through our men’s section – you may be surprised at what you find! Or check out our men’s section online:

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guys! and girls!

i work for a golf company out here in southern california. i wear lululemon shorts (chief) or pants (kahuna) to work nearly every day. i have a few of the polo and workout tops as well.

this product is second to none in my opinion.

grab a pair of sweats, pants, a shirt, a hoody (the hoody’s are so perfect for metro travel–ipod pockets and everything) for yourself or for your man! you won’t be disappointed.

the best part is, free tailoring! you can get your sweats hemmed so you’re not walking around looking all pajama’d in on M street.

Comment by Joe Hafera — September 25, 2009 @ 8:48 pm

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