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New York City; fashion capital of the world and destination inspiration for every young aspiring entrepreneur. Some of our greatest educators of all time have made the pilgrimage down to the Big Apple to make their mark and facilitate spreading lululemon greatness. This week meet some of our team in the field and find out how they were attracted to lululemon and landed their dream jobs!

yoga pose on wallstreet with lululemon

NYC educators busting out a yoga pose on Wall Street after our earnings call last month!

julie - eastern us training manager

careers: lululemon training manager

why do you have the most amazing job?

I love my job because it’s people first, and then we see the financial results again and again. Travelling around talking to people about their goals and helping them feel comfortable and confident in their job gets me up every day. I also think our product ROCKS so that helps.

how has working at lululemon made a difference in your life?

I’m more self-aware then I have ever been because of the tools offered at lululemon (Brian Tracy, Landmark, goal setting). Self awareness brings peace of mind. Peace of mind allows me to let go of my worries and create a future based on what’s possible, not what happened. Thank you lululemon!

what is your big hairy audacious goal?

My big hairy audacious goal was to move to New York City – and I just made it happen! I simply shared it with everyone around me and when my dream job finally opened up, I got it. Just one of many goals I have achieved while working with lululemon. It’s not ‘work’ – it’s a community of people standing for you and your goals, so long as you’re committed by giving back and never accepting anything less than greatness in your life. Guess it’s time to set a new hairy audacious goal. Hmmm....

monique - store manager of union square nyc

how did you come to lululemon?

I had a career as a project manager in technology and was looking for a part time job so I could have social interactions with real live people - I loved yoga and the website and lululemon at the time was opening the first store on the East Coast of the USA!

why do you have the most amazing job?

lululemon attracts people - employees, athletes, loyal fans - who are committed to creating incredible lives. Sometimes they are aware of it, sometimes they aren't, but they find themselves drawn to our stores and our educators. They read our manifesto, wear our clothing, take classes at our stores, hang out with our team. They find themselves running marathons or enrolling in yoga teacher training. Sometimes they work for us. In small steps or large leaps they take on their lives, transform their relationships, set goals, and create new futures.

Every day is different. In the stores, we have to rise to each day's unique set of challenges. My intellectual side gets to analyze numbers. My creative side gets to dream up events and windows and rewards for my team. My passionate side gets to have meaningful conversations every day. For every side I have, it finds expression. What more could I ask for?

new york city lululemon team

Each day in the stores is unique!

how has working at lululemon made a difference in your life?

I've made close friends with people I have worked with, become a yoga teacher, moved to a new city - and I discovered I've grown up. And yet I feel younger at heart than ever before. Younger, and lighter.  None of that would have happened without being inspired, challenged, and motivated daily by the people I work with. I have so many role models that I learn from every time I am in their presence. And I've never worked harder or had more fun at the same time.

what is your big hairy audacious goal?

I am a self-supporting artist!

cara - regional manager nyc

nyc lululemon careers

how did you come to lululemon?

I kept going into the Victoria, British Columbia store and was in awe of how cool the people were and I never wanted to leave, plus I was in love with my black stretchy pants that I would never take off. I began working part-time as an educator while completing my Master’s degree and then absolutely had to be a part of company as the culture totally resonated with who I am.

why do you have the most amazing job?

I get to wake up every single day and work with the most amazing people on the planet. They constantly inspire me, push my limits and truly stand for greatness. Moreover, I have had the opportunity to live and experience the coolest places in the US, Boston and now, NYC. I am still pinching myself that I live in NYC. Lastly, I love who I meet everyday in the store and in the community. It is so cool to hear about people’s goals and just get to know who comes into our store and how we can help them. Ultimately, I feel I make a difference everyday in someone’s life. What could be better than that?!

how has working at lululemon made a difference in your life?

I am a better person, a better daughter a better sister, a better friend, a better wife, and a better leader. Personal development and goal setting have demonstrated that anything is possible and that you can love every single second of your life.

cara from lululemon in nyc
Cara on a stroll in the Big Apple

what is your big hairy audacious goal?

I am the CEO of lululemon athletica.

Learning about these amazing ladies stories inspired me -- not only to plan my next vacation to NYC, but also to embrace the possibilities and open doors surrounding me. If you find yourself attracted to greatness don’t miss your dream job and explore some of the possibilities waiting for you on the lululemon careers page.

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