off the mat: the astro

A new addition to my lululemon pant wardrobe is the Astro Pant. Introduced over a year ago, this pant has a slim, straight leg with a v-shaped waistline. Even with the "V" shape, it sits high on the hips and still has great coverage in Downward Dog.

Yoga pairing of the day: Astro Pant and Power Y Tank

lululemon astro pant
Sneek peek: You might take a seat here when waiting to meet with Chip!

The "wrap" design of the waistband moulds to your shape and doesn't cut into the belly

details not easily seen

- Hidden key pocket can be found on the back inner waistband.
- A small circular stamp with your size in it!

Have you tried the Astro Pant or worked it into your off the mat outfits?

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