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To celebrate opening our first-ever store in Nebraska, we asked Ruth (an educator, yogi and runner) from our new Village Pointe store in Omaha to tell us how yogis and runners get their sweat on in the heartland of the US.

When I decided to move home from a much larger metropolitan area, a lot of people asked me, “What are you going to do in Nebraska?”

I had no idea what I was going to do in Nebraska - I was just packing up and going - but I couldn’t shake the feeling that this question was actually borne out of the inability to imagine that there is anything to do in Nebraska.

Here in fly-over country, in the absence of impressive geographical landmarks, our identity isn't wrapped up in being "mountain people" or “coast people". Instead, we have an abundance of space to really grow into anything and everything we want. The truth is, you could ask everyone here “What is Omaha crazy about?” and get 1.2 million different answers - we don’t have a “thing”. We have each other. As a yogi and a runner, that’s exactly what I needed. I could do those things anywhere, but it wouldn’t be as fun without the connection and community that Omaha has.

Athletes of all kinds become true “Omahomies” because there is never a lack of awesome opportunities to do what you love and be with friends while you’re at it.

how to sweat in omaha

Here, you can take a class or two at the rowdy-est vinyasa studio west of the Mississippi, perhaps to complement your training for the Omaha Marathon and then refuel at the nation’s most sustainable restaurant.

On your rest days, you’ll meet up with your family at the farmer’s market and before you know it, you’re at an outdoor music festival trying out hooping for the first time! You’ll drive by Warren Buffett’s house on your way to yoga or go for a run in Memorial Park - not to ogle but just because it’s in the same neighborhood.

You can start your day by cheering on the local CrossFit Games (if you’re not on the floor taking names yourself!) and end it by joining 300 members of your family at Turner Park for outdoor yoga with live music.

outdoor yoga on august 4th

Omaha can’t get enough of doing yoga outside because that’s what it’s really all about: doing what we love, with people we love, in a place we love. We are so excited to gather outside for our first lululemon community yoga class on August 4th with all our favorite people - some of whom we haven’t even met yet! Our event, Plant Your Passions, will take intention-setting to a powerful new level: below the ground. We can’t wait to see what comes up.

Maybe from an airplane all it looks like is a red state covered in amber waves of grain, but here on the ground are vibrant communities as varied as wildflowers that together create “The Good Life.” It’s a pretty great life, actually.

Learn more about lululemon Village Pointe here, or visit their Facebook page for details on their outdoor yoga class on August 4th.

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Omaha has a special place in my heart since I competed at the 2008 Olympic Swimming Trials there. Omaha seems to be growing more and more and now that there is a Lululemon there, it makes it even better :)

Comment by Candice — July 26, 2012 @ 9:26 am

The “Omaha LLL Crew” is awesome! So happy we (Omaha) will have them and LLL!

Comment by West Anson — July 30, 2012 @ 9:36 pm

Ruth, thank you for writing this article! Omaha has so much to offer everyone who visits, and people always comment on how kind Omahans are. I can’t imagine raising my kids anywhere else!

So, I hope you all get a chance to let us show you our true colors when you visit!

Comment by Chris — July 31, 2012 @ 4:53 pm

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