our dads and why we love them

If you've been to the lululemon homepage this week, then you've seen some great dads and their style. These great men were found inside our lululemon family and we're going to uncover the mystery of the story behind the pictures. Competition for "world's best dad" is stiff as they each tell us why their dads are the best.

Jessica E., international community manager

Rad dad: David


My dad taught me how to water-ski when I was 5.  He slipped on his skis, placed me at the tip of the skis, told me to hold on to the rope as tight as I could, and then he gave me a great big 'o' bear hug.  We popped up and flew across the water together.


Christine, senior production manager

Rad dad: Jim

fathersday_TurnerSome of my fondest memories are out in the boat, fishing with my dad… although these slacks are before my time. He IS the best dad in the world, and I know this because he baited my hook first… and brought Oreos.


Jessica R., brand experience – production manager

Rad dad: Ernest

fathers_day_jessrThis is a shot of my dad on his Honda, cruising around Bali in '72. My dad taught me how to read a map, how to use a compass and that back roads are the best way to get anywhere. Honestly, he is the best.


Lesia, director, brand strategy

Rad dad: Tom, father of 5 girls (seriously)


Don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff. My dad always has a way of putting things into perspective. I still go to him for advice all the time. I am going to have a son in a few months and the best way I can explain how much I love and admire my dad is to tell you that I hope this little man is just as awesome, loving and thoughtful as my dad (not sure I'm down with the matching 69 t-shirts but playing golf is all good though). xo


Sairah, social media manager

Rad dad: Phil

fathers_day_sarah_hearnThere are a lot of awesome things about my Dad, but first and foremost I have him to thank for my sense of humor and my love of sports. He's responsible for teaching me how to throw a perfect spiral (tomboy much?) and he also probably plays the worlds best air guitar. Now, if only I had inherited his ability to organize an email inbox I'd be set!

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