our (stylish) friend jonathan

Have you met our dear friend Jonathan yet?

By day, he spends his time at our Cumberland store, educating on the latest and greatest new gear. By night  he snaps photos of runners, yogis and athletes in our Toronto community who not only love to sweat in our gear, but do it with a whole lot of style .

Guest Etc. is all about capturing #thesweatlife with major swagger.

We've shared his photos before, but now it's time to get to know the very stylish and very funny guy behind the camera. 

What’s your favorite way to sweat in Toronto?

I hit up Catalyst in Yorkville weekly for sweaty circuit training. To balance it out, 889 is my yoga go-to. Not only is the studio gorgeous, it has some of the best instructors in the city.

What's would you say is the worst sweaty fashion faux pas?

Men who run in cotton cargo shorts! How dare they subject themselves to rough seams and bulky pockets big enough to hide small children? If only they knew the benefits of wicking fabrics and flat seams!

Give us your best 140 characters about Toronto. Go!

Who can scoff at a city where there are as many outdoor patios as dogs in designer clothes. We also made Blue Jays hats cool again.

Where do you find your fashion inspiration?

There’s a few different people I consistently snoop on instagram. I’ll never tell who!

If you could take guest etc. anywhere in the world, what city would you go to first?

Berlin. The mentality is not about being well dressed to showcase affluence but about designing yourself through clothing to express creative edge and imagination. There’s an avant garde approach to style there which is incredibly exciting.

Can you share one major goal you’re working towards?

I’m working toward hosting my own lifestyle program. After appearing on an MTV Canada talk show for 4 years I’m inspired to create my own vehicle to engage viewers in my passion; conversation!

Rad right? Jonathan's got a great eye for cool. He might not want to share all of his secrets, but maybe you'll share yours? Where does your style inspiration come from?

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He’s amazing! I love going to Cumberland to shop, Jonathan is flat out honest and will tell me if something isn’t working for me.

Comment by michael — June 24, 2013 @ 3:05 pm

This is amazing!! Congrats Jonathan. I love Cumberland Lululemon ღ

Comment by Christie Preston — June 25, 2013 @ 10:36 am

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