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This blog post is written by Isis from our Fort Worth lululemon athletica showroom. Isis and the team will soon be opening their doors  in Texas and are adding amazing ambassadors to their family!

Every lululemon store has a unique group of athletes called ambassadors from the community. These inspiring people are an extension of our store and embody the lululemon lifestyle and culture. Just like finding a soul mate, we want to make sure our ambassador has genuine intentions. When we find one that the lululemon store and community love, we pop the question and propose, “Will you be our ambassador?”

apply to become a lululemon ambassador

We love being creative when asking soon-to-be ambassador to join the team. Check out what we did at Fort Worth!

brooke hinkle from the baptiste studio

Our first ambassador was Baptiste affiliate studio owner, Brooke Hinkle. We scheduled a photo shoot in the Fort Worth Stockyards for inspiring yogi pictures. When she pulled in the parking lot with what she called her “mom car,” a Chevy Tahoe, we gave her an Orchid and asked her to be our shining star. She said yes.

lululemon dance ambassadors - zoe & stephanie from dancescape

Our second and third ambassadors were Zoe and Stephanie who teach Pilates at Dancescape. When we got to the studio, we told them that one of their clients was in the bathroom crying. They both ran immediately to the bathroom to aide the poor invisible person only to find a framed manifesto poster asking them to be our ambassadors! They said yes.

indigo yoga in fort worth - rebecca lululemon ambassador

My heart was just about to come out of my Power Y for our next proposal because we almost didn’t get to pull off our surprise. Rebecca , an instructor at Indigo Yoga, walked into her Baptiste class and saw our manifesto poster and The Mat with a pretty pink bow around it. She laughed and said yes.

We then headed to Starbucks with our fourth ambassador, Jeff Tucker, owner of a Crossfit and tumbling gym called GSX. We had a Yoga Journal and wrote over our ad asking if he would be ours truly…guess what he said? Yes.

fitness couple - lululemon ambassadors

Our sixth and seventh ambassadors are newly weds. About 15 minutes prior to giving them a “sneak peak” of our showroom, I wrote “will you be our ambassador, check yes or no” with chalk on the sidewalk.

Our next proposals are coming soon and I must say that I love the little butterflies I get before asking. Now I feel like I know how my husband felt before asking me to marry him!

Will you be our next ambassador?

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I was floored and honored to be a part of this. I cannot wait to be of service to you folks in any capacity we can be…


Comment by tucker — April 7, 2010 @ 2:41 pm

That’s awesome!!



Comment by brad — April 7, 2010 @ 3:12 pm

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