possibilities at the end of the world

Emily Gray is the showroom manager at lululemon Bridgeport Village in Oregon. She is passionate about creating inspiring experiences for herself and those around her. She enjoys travel, writing, exercise and coaching her team at lululemon athletica.

Our trip to Tierra del Fuego, a national park in the southernmost tip of South America, was guaranteed to be memorable. As a group of twenty American college students studying abroad in Rosario, Argentina, we drew attention from nearly every passerby. After a few short hours on a plane from Buenos Aires, we found ourselves boarding buses to the incredible Tierra del Fuego National Park. I knew this moment would be too short; that I’d never forget my time here. The largest glacier in the park was a mass of bluish ice frozen into jagged cracks. We sat and watched as large groans emerged from deep within the belly of the glacier. The groan would spread, then suddenly a large chunk of ice would break loose, freeing itself from the mass behind it and entering into the lake below. We were near the end of the world.

The trip took us into the city of Ushuaia, considered the southernmost city in the world. From here, a boat took us into through the Beagle Channel. We looked out over the water, imagining the unknown beyond our sights. Anything could exist out there. The possibilities were endless. For me the vast openness represented the opportunities of tomorrow. It was from that place at the end of the world that the rest of the world became a possibility for me.

Imagine your life and dream as though you are standing on a boat, overlooking the end of the world, knowing that this is truly just the beginning.

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