quiz: which hoodie are you?

Need some help choosing a hoodie? Ali, our Online Product Specialist, put together a quiz to help you figure out the differences and see which best suits your body and style.

1. how tall are you?

a. Under 5’0
b. 5’5 or under
c. 5’6 or taller

2. is your body torso:

a. Short
b. Medium
c. Long

3. do you like your hoodie to:

a. Show off the colorful bands of your lululemon pants?
b. Don’t care as long as you're warm
c. You prefer further coverage over your bottom.

4. do you like a body skimming fit in your hoodie or a more roomier fit?

a. I like a roomier fit
b. I like either
c. I like skimming

5. do you consider yourself busty?

a. I am not that busty.
b. I have a regular bust.
c. I have a fair bit of bust.

If you mostly answered:

A – You are most certainly a Remix Lulu Hoodie kind of girl. Check out our Remix hoodies now>>
B – You will love both the Scuba or the Remix Hoodie. See what style resonates with you. Check out our selection of Remix hoodies now>> OR see what we have going on with our Scuba hoodies here>>
C – Scuba girl all the way. See what we have going on with our Scuba hoodies here>>

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