renovate your goals

 renovate your goals

You’ve probably heard that we are doing some behind-the-scenes renovations to our online store. (What? You didn’t hear? Read more about it.) We have big goals. We’ve been assessing where we’re at and the first step in making our goal a reality is re-platforming our site. (Sounds glamourous, right? It's not.) We need to change a few things - hence, the renovation.

goals need renovations too

Our online store isn’t the only thing needing a facelift these days. Not sure about you, but our goals need constant attention. It’s been almost three months since we talked about setting goals instead of resolutions. We re-ignited things later in January when some of us (and likely some of you) lost some momentum. For those of you who were still stuck, we talked to Soho ambassador Holly to learn more about how dialing in on your values can help set things in motion.

Now it's nearly April. In the spirit of spring cleaning, why not take a look and see if your goals could also use a little love while we renovate online? After all, the goal setting resources on the site is in fine working order during the reno.

perfect ten

Visualize your next ten years before you set out renovating

how to renovate your goals

Have goals in the first place. You can’t renovate if you don’t own the place. You need a 10-year vision. If you have no idea what a BHAG is or you haven’t formally set out to capture your SMART goals on paper, we highly recommend you start. (We mean it. Start now.) Spend some time doing so and then set a reminder to check back on this blog in a few months’ time. Already got some goals? You may proceed.

Assess the situation. What stirred you when you first wrote your goals? Do they still motivate and inspire you? Are you happy with the attention you’ve been giving them or have you let the dust bunnies set up shop in the corners of your world?

Get insight from professionals. Ok, maybe this is more applicable if you’re attempting to redo the kitchen plumbing. Still, it never hurts to talk to those close to you. They may challenge you to dream bigger and take more risks. They may give you that dose of reality you need. There’s one thing to remember though: your goals need to motivate you and you alone. No justification is required.

Elissa Joy, Renovation Expert

Draw up some new plans. If you’re uninspired, get clarity on where you want to go, tear up the old blueprints and start fresh. Motivation (unlike that plumber you may actually need for your kitchen) runs cheap. Just spy on some of the big things others are up to. (Carolyn’s enthusiasm is just the ticket. Try not being motivated after reading her blog on goal setting.)

Get going. Renovating goals may not be as fun as swinging a sledgehammer into drywall but the clean-up is easier. Don’t expect it to all be easy though. (Just ask our IT team.) Every renovation comes with its surprises, so be prepared for some bumps along the way.

want more?

  • Get your goals on paper. Everyone has to start somewhere.
  • Make a stop-doing list while you’re at it. They’re just as amazing as their counterparts.
  • Get inspired. Read about what Linda, Meghan and Jenn are up to.
  • Follow our progress. Get all the latest news on the online store reno.

 Next to breaking a sweat, goal setting is the best way to up the resale value on one of your greatest assets: yourself. Remember to have some fun while you’re at it. (If you’ve been pining to wear a tool belt on a day that wasn’t Halloween, now’s your chance.) What are you busy renovating?

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fabulous post and a great reminder that we can’t be stagnant about our goals – and we can’t just set them in january and be done with it! thank you for the ongoing motivation and tips.

Comment by angela — March 28, 2011 @ 10:33 am

Thank you for your continued inspiring and reaching out to customers in a real and honest human manner. Your sharing your review makes our need to do so aan understanfdable and possibly necessary part of being alive. It’s not all about having new outfits and perfect yoga poses.

Comment by Cathy G Seattle — March 28, 2011 @ 4:30 pm

great post! my (big) goal this year is running a half marathon! a great reminder to really evaluate our goals!

Comment by sassy little cabbages — March 28, 2011 @ 4:46 pm

my clients & followers keep me on track with my goals. I use my blog and my facebook to discuss them to keep other on track and to hopefully inspire someone. because i have to be on top of them and what im doing, it keeps me in check!

Comment by The Get In Shape Girl — March 30, 2011 @ 2:41 pm

* Happy Kids Help your child experience systematic accomplishment again and again (after you’re done, you’ll know for sure they will ALWAYS be okay…)
* Increase your child’s motivation for making their wishes come true (the program is DESIGNED to be fun and exciting!)
* Help your child feel significant and competent… because now their success does NOT depend on their teachers, or even you!
* Enhance your relationship with your child by sharing a moment and growing together (showing them you’re not perfect helps more than anything!)
* Show your child the way to repeated success and the
pride of achievement.

Comment by rafiq rana — October 27, 2011 @ 1:29 am

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