revolution week one

When's the last time you committed to something for 40 days? The Digital 40 Day Challenge - part yoga, part meditation, part personal revolution - is in full swing, and this week Parker from our Leadership Development team is here to recap her Week One experience. Read on for more!

meet parker

name: Parker Pearson
current role at lululemon: Leadership Development, Program Manager – Self Development
current hometown Vancouver, BC (originally from San Francisco, CA)
first yoga class It was 13 years ago. It was a Bikram class. I wore sweat pants and a leotard. The next day I wore my swimsuit.
random fact I once got pulled over for driving below the speed limit directly after a yoga class.
week one, in a word Observing.

this week i learned...

This week I observed myself flickering back and forth constantly:

  • in my meditation practice from the "now" to planning
  • in my asana practice from an inhale to distraction or worry about an old injury
  • in my relationships from 100% of my attention on the conversation to spending mental energy on an unsolved issue
  • in my food choices when I go from most nourishing to most convenient or habitual

I keep reminding myself, “right aim and right energy”. *

*p.99 40 Days to Personal Revolution

Where it’s time for me to take more responsibility isn’t in how I get my work done, but how I take care of myself and what I’ve been avoiding. I see that a new level of commitment to my practice and nourishment is needed if I’m going to truly thrive.

What did you learn or observe about yourself or your practice in Week One? What word summarizes your experience so far?

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Observing and Awareness is definitely a great first step, before any action is taken, awareness and observation is a good thing. Good luck and enjoy your journey Parker. Looking forward to hearing about it!

Comment by Tova — January 15, 2013 @ 2:18 pm

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