revolution week three

We are now officially half-way through our Digital 40 Days Challenge and shit's getting real. Yoga, meditation, and asking yourself hard questions tends to make that happen. This week our Area Community Manager Tracy faced the weekly theme head on and found out what happens when you feel the urge to run and choose instead to stay.

meet tracy

name: Tracy Keough
role at lululemon: Area Community Manager, North U.S.
current hometown: Vancouver
random fact: I grew up in Newfoundland.
what did you learn this week? Breathe, respond, don't react. Listen to what is in your heart.
a word that describes your 40-day experience so far: Deep inquiry

this week i learned...

I have been excited about this week since the 40 Days program began. Equanimity has been something that I have been striving to understand since I first practiced with Baron 3 years ago. He spoke to equanimity in class that day. I remember so clearly wondering the meaning of the word and his statements stayed with me long after that all-day immersion:

Can you simply be in this pose and face it as it comes? Be with whatever comes up, feel it and simply be with it, no reaction.

As we held the pose further, Baron said: notice how you are reacting to this pose. Where else in your life does this come up? How is who you are on your mat showing up in your life?

Uuuuh, do you mean the fact I am cursing you in my head right now dying to come out of this pose?!

Tracy Dhanurasana-ing at last week's Yoga Journal Conference in San Francisco

three years later

I took this week on with a curious mind and open heart. I faced myself head on and had conversations that were tough and pushed me outside of my comfort zone. There were tears, moments of wanting to run and through it all I stayed with myself, understanding that this is true growth – this is equanimity. After all this time, it finally landed for me that equanimity is being in the eye of the storm, the middle of all the reactions and feelings and working with whatever comes up, what REALLY comes up -- tears, fear, fight, flight -- and breath by breath, being with it.

Then, Saturday morning I woke up to this quote staring straight at me:

"The longest road you will ever have to walk is from your head to your heart" ~ Chief Phil Lane Jr.

And it all came together for me. Equanimity is living what is in your heart - your absolute truth - and having the courage to trust. To be with it. It is uncomfortable to say what really needs to be said, revealing who I TRULY am, in my heart, from a deep place of knowing. It's scary, yet freeing all at the same time.

Truth. Trust. Love. That is what I learned this week. Thank you Baron.

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Hi! I’m not doing the digital 40 days this time, but I have done the 40 Days in the past. This post really spoke to me. I do Baptiste Power Yoga at Dancing Dogs in Beaufort, SC, and I’ve been in poses where I wanted to run, move, do anything other than stay there. All kinds of stuff comes up.

I also teach Yin Yoga, and those are the things I usually speak to when we’re in a pose. Holding the poses longer as you do in Yin, all kinds of thoughts, feelings, and emotions come up and by staying with them, breathing into them, we learn, not only in Yin but in any kind of yoga to stay present in the face of adversity.

Keep on writing!

Comment by Cathy — January 29, 2013 @ 10:50 am

Wow, I don’t think I understood equanimity until last week either. Meditation is getting harder, but I’m just sitting with it. Slowly and surely…Thank you, the quote pierced my heart and left me with clarity.

Comment by Sherrie — January 29, 2013 @ 12:51 pm

Dude, that Dhanurasana is awesome. I love the face; it’s SO how I feel when doing that pose. Great blog as usual, lemons!

Comment by Erin — January 30, 2013 @ 9:14 am

Tracy, your articulate capture of equanimity sits at the center of my heart. For as we commonly think that getting by, doing the “right thing,” living up to others expectations and living through all of the other common ailments that our contained hearts think is normal, we find that we still feel empty or searching. It is because we are out of balance. When we say no when we want to say yes, when we please because we want to be liked, when we live through something just because we fear the consequences of stopping the madness, we live 99% on the other side of truth. And that little nagging 1% keeps saying, “hey, I’m still here. I’m not going away.” We may as well have a ball chained to our ankle.

I am with you: I believe that equanimity means living truth. The joy of being who you are and living how you want to live ends up being so much easier than the pain of wearing the mask of indifference and mediocrity. And wearing other people’s masks – doing what they think we should do rather than what our own souls so clearly tell us to do every moment of every day, is the heaviest burden of all. No wonder we don’t feel balanced. Luckily, we have each other to help us see the blindspots.

Thank you for being a force on this planet. I am right beside you.


Comment by brooke hamblet — January 30, 2013 @ 6:40 pm

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