road to the half marathon: week 9

My intention for this past week: recommit to my yoga practice and nurture my aching bones. At the end of last week's training, my bones were really achy and feeling the lack of yoga in my life. I have been so focused on hitting all of my training dates that the way my body felt was playing second fiddle. Thanks to my pain, it became evident that my training schedule is no longer in charge: my body is, and it ordered me to three yoga classes this week.

Complimentary yoga class Saturday morning at lululemon La Jolla

It is amazing what your body can tell you and do for you if you just listen. After my first hot yoga class of the week, it felt as if I had digested IcyHot on my next 4 mile training run. My joints were happier, and my legs felt loose and ready to rock. With that dose of feeling amazing, I sent myself back to yoga two more times, and had one of the best weeks of training to date. Along with my yoga, I kept up on my hill running, sans the achy hamstrings and toes I usually feel come Sunday.

My favourite part of every yoga class is in the first few minutes when many instructors allow you to set an intention or dedicate your practice as a means of focus. In class this week I set an intention of listening to my body. I didn't try to keep up with the yogi next to me. I even skipped out of most arm balances and took a child's pose, because that is what my body wanted.

At the end of each class my body and my mind felt renewed, and it truly translated to my runs. I found my breath to be cleaner, and I even set an intention at the beginning of each run that inspired me every step of the way. In the week ahead, I have set the intention to honour each breath and movement of yoga and running with appreciation, and to let the rest of the world fall away. Namaste.

This week’s training mileage total: 14 miles (cut back and took a yoga class instead)
Longest run: 8 miles with a pace of 10:40
Cross training: 3 yoga classes
Favourite song on my run playlist: “Isaac” – Madonna (such a great mix of yoga and upbeat music, perfect for running!)

3 weeks until race day! Here is my training schedule for the week
Monday: 4 miles + yoga
Tuesday: Barry’s Bootcamp + Hot Yoga
Wednesday: 4 miles + yoga
Thursday: Barry’s Bootcamp + Yoga
Friday: Rest or gentle yoga
Saturday: 9 miles!
Sunday: Hot yoga

P.S. Do you set and intention or dedicate your yoga practice and workouts to anything or anyone?

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Woot! Way to go! I agree, a good, hot yoga class is like a “reset” button for your body after days of tightening up due to running.

Comment by elaine! — July 27, 2010 @ 11:13 am

the head band your wearing.. slipless? and is it Electric Orange?! I love it..

Comment by Stephanie — July 27, 2010 @ 1:55 pm

Hi Whitney. Great point on yoga. We stress that on LifeSpace as well to our runners. It is the perfect way to recover, but I also do a yoga sequence as my stretch before my runs too. That has been really helpful for me.

Comment by Greg @ — July 27, 2010 @ 10:08 pm

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