rockin’ robson

rockin' robson

Did somebody say "yoga circle"? Sporting the totally awesome Canadian Hockey Helmets!

You've just arrived in Vancouver, and the next thing you know, your new Canadian buddies have got you hooked on what has to be our city's number one pastime – yoga. Suddenly, you find yourself in desperate need of a yoga mat. Where to turn?

Luckily, lululemon Robson Street's got the goods!

So what makes Robson truly rockin'?

a legacy of unforgettable appearances

cheer nude

At our store opening, we awarded outfits to guests brave enough to show up in their birthday suits. And then just this month, our educators partied with only their Cheer Gear between them and the world! Scandalous stunts aside, our unique atmosphere is what makes us your downtown destination. Ever been to a store that's more like a house party? At Robson you're likely to meet educators who are world-class tri-athletes, Japanese speakers, track and field stars, or future Disney princesses.

we're all about location

You’ll find us smack dab in the middle of trendy Robson Street; a stone's throw from all the downtown entertainment you could ever hope for. Come visit us after you've left your hotel to explore the streets in the morning, before a lunch date, or after dinner if you fancy a helping of Groove Pants for dessert! We're open late – ‘till nine p.m.!

rocking, popping, and celebrating for the month of february

guerilla yoga

Guerilla yoga outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Some of our finest community offerings for the occasion include: Cheer Gear, the Gift of Yoga, guerrilla yoga sessions (in Hockey Helmuts… so you can easily spot us around the city), Endorphin Junkies “functionally fit” workouts, mass dance sessions, and more! Tip: check the community calendar we've got in-store behind our cash desk. It’ll let you know when you can join in on our next adventure!

take home a slice of west coast culture

While you can't pack a mountain view in your suitcase or slip a Granville Island bathtub ferry past airport security, any fan of lululemon knows that a neatly rolled pair of Wunder Under Pants takes up less space in your suitcase than a giant bottle of maple syrup! As Vancouver’s flagship store, Robson’s got the freshest and most extensive collection of lululemon clothing and accessories to be had. Be sure to drop in and find out how we can help you beat that time trial and achieve your personal best!

no need to be shy

welcome to the house party

Our staff of amazing people would love to help you get ready for your next fearless undertaking, whether it’s skiing, cheering, or downward-dogging your way to greatness! Come by, say hi, and don't be surprised when the Journey tunes hit and everyone starts dancing - it's the rockin' Robson way!

Robson "Journey" dancing must be seen to be believed...

Want to get the complete lowdown on lululemon Robson's community events? Visit their store site, or follow along with to-the-minute updates on the Robson store's Facebook and Twitter pages!

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Visited the Robson store when I was down the for Olympics! The gift of yoga totally made my week – I can honestly say I’ve never done so much physical activity on holiday, thanks to Lulu & YYoga for that!
I brought a friend who has never had the Lulu experience before- she left raving about the staff, good work guys!!

Comment by Callah — March 1, 2010 @ 9:16 pm

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