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found: in south beach, miami

Date: Sunday June 30 2013-07-03
Time: Noon
Studio:Energii Miami reformer pilates studio
Class: Core-Ass Attack
Teacher: Adriana Borges
Cost: Your first class at the studio is $10, from there on it’s $20 per class with discounts for packages.

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Instructor creds:
The Om Finder showed me a picture of a cute blonde bunch of muscles called Todd Stamp, so I was expecting to get my butt whipped into shape by him (not why I chose the class, I promise), but I turned up to find a Brazilian babe called Adriana Borges leading the class. She obviously attracts a regular crowd as the vibe was really friendly and lots of the girls knew her moves. A personal trainer and relatively new to group teaching, Adriana might have looked sweet in her peachy lululemon shorts, but she barked her instructions like a drill sergeant.

Ruby Om Finder 3

The studio is located on Washington Avenue, just before it hits Lincoln Road, so it’s right in the heart of South Beach and an easy walk from all the major hotels. I wasn’t sure I’d come to the right place when I first arrived as there was a sign up for Sunday Service at the “Lighthouse Church”, but it turns out they share the building. A good omen.

Location, location:
The space is on the 3rd floor, and is light and airy thanks to large windows and powerful AC. There are about 18 reformer machines, and no changing facilities – just somewhere to stash your shoes and bag when you come in. So come prepared and be ready to shower back at home / your hotel.

om finder rubySweat vs. Stretch: 
Definitely sweat. With a name like Core-Ass Attack, I wasn’t expecting an easy ride, and Adriana delivered exactly the hard-core reformer conditioning class I was looking for. This is Miami Beach after all, and let’s just say I left feeling bikini ready. But speaking of stretch…we didn’t, really. Adriana worked us for the full 50 minutes and warned us to stretch it out ourselves later. Which I didn’t, and which my thighs have not been thanking me for.

High-five factor:
And speaking of bikinis – “now I want you to go out there and walk on the beach and show them why you’re working out!” Adriana told us at the end of class. Then she got one of the girls to take a photo of us lined up and flaunting our freshly toned behinds, which she put straight up on Facebook. Feeling it!

Post-class pick-me up:
There’s nothing for sale in the studio (I didn’t even see water) and by the time I got out I was starving, so I went to meet Mr. Warrington for a delicious veggie platter at a high-end kabob shop on Collins Avenue. Delicious.

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