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Every Tuesday evening, a pack of some 200 renegade runners takes to the mean streets of London as part of writer, DJ and poet Charlie Dark’s Run Dem Crew.

run dem crew 1
“We tend to attract people who don’t like too many rules, but the group reflects the true diversity of London,” says Charlie, who founded the club in 2007 when what began as a Friday night run with a handful of friends started to feel like something he wanted to share with “as many people as possible.”

run dem crew 3
Today, he describes the Crew as “like family – I don’t run with strangers,” while people sign on every three months as a new “season” (culminating in a particular race) gets underway.

run dem crew 2
Meanwhile, RDC Youngers was established to introduce the next generation to the physical and mental discipline of training for a big race. Describing the road as “a great leveller,” for some less privileged kids this can be huge.

“My marathon time is faster than P Diddy’s,” explains Charlie. “And for these young people it’s important to see that it’s not about the size of your bank account. If you put in the training you will excel.” Adult members who sign up also need to know “they’re signing up to mentor our kids too.”

run dem crew 5
Naturally, “there are plenty of emotional moments in RDC!” while partnerships with running crews as far flung as Tokyo and New York City mean members are never far from a tribe of like-minded urban athletes. And then there are the movie nights Charlie hosts for his extended Run Dem family. Here, he selects three of his favourite films to inspire you to get your pace on too.

charlie's favourite films for runners

Chariots of Fire

“I’m going to include this, because it’s a really good example of an important aspect of sport that often gets overlooked. Sport without music is just a game, but as soon as you add a soundtrack, you have an emotional experience. Chariots of Fire is one of those films that really nails that notion on the head.”

Spirit of the Marathon

“This is about a group of people training for the Chicago marathon. Some are non-runners, but it follows a load of elite guys too so you get a real perspective on the gamut of people who participate. I watch it religiously before we run any marathon to get my mind ready.”

Jewel in the Sun

“This is actually a YouTube video about Alberto Salazar and Dick Beardsley running the Boston marathon. It’s from 1981, and it sums up the story of their rivalry. They’re battling it out, and in the last mile, Dick summons the strength to surge past Alberto when a police motorbike cuts passed him and he’s stopped in his tracks, losing the race. Again, this is another running film with an amazing soundtrack.”

You can also download Charlie Dark’s running mixes

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