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What’s the most fun you can have on the way to work? If you lived in London and your commute took you through the East End on a monthly Wednesday, then you could do a lot worse than new alcohol-free dance party Morning Glory.

The brainchild of events producer Sam Moyo and body worker Nico Thoemmes, it's an idea that North Americans could also rally around. The party rages from 6.30am to 10.30am and has so far been attracting a diverse crowd of city workers, media folk, artists, dancers and pretty much anyone up for rockin’ start to their workday.

The organizers promise yoga mats, massage therapists, super food smoothies and “really good coffee” to help get partygoers’ systems in gear, and say a good dance first thing the best way to clear creative blocks. I asked Sam Moyo a few questions about this genius idea.

How did you come up with this idea?
We both love to party, but felt that it needed a ‘conscious facelift’—we wanted to challenge the cultural notion that alcohol, drugs and partying always went together.

Why is it a good idea to rave on your way to work?
So many people go to the gym before, so why not get up and have a dance instead? Morning Glory is also successful because of the unbelievable positive energy that manifests in the room. It’s electric. Our favourite moment so far was listening to a guest who told she had jaw ache from grinning so much.

What kind of music do your DJs play and why?
We have a really varied approach to the music we program because our community’s taste is so varied. Rob da Bank is headlining our next event, but one thing that all our music has in common is it’s highly danceable.

Do you always start the day with a dance yourselves?
Often, yes. The other day we were struggling with some documents and we ended up ditching the laptops and having a full on dance on Portobello Road to some soul pumping out of a local record seller’s stall. If your day isn’t flowing, we say give it a go!

Find out more about upcoming Morning Glory events on Twitter and on Facebook.


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