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In my opinion, Robyn Youkilis has totally the right attitude toward healthy eating. As in, as well as being good for you, what you’re eating had better taste amazing. How else are you going to transform your attitude towards food in the long term? It’s all very well putting yourself on green juice and flax seed crackers as a quick fix, but seriously, you’re going to have to face those chocolate fudge sundae cravings at some point—and Robyn undoubtedly has just the (healthy) recipe for that. After all, this is the woman who taught me how to make a killer kale salad (hint: it’s all in the nutritional yeast).

As founder of Your Healthiest You, Robyn works with clients one-on-one to determine what dietary tweaks work best for each individual body. She also runs a seasonal members’ only cooking club and is co-founder of the Healthy Cooking Camp, because teaching you how to prepare convenient, nourishing, energy boosting food for yourself is a huge part of her deal. And now there’s good news for everyone who can't get to Robyn in person: kicking off October 16, she’s launching an online coaching course called The Rockstar Roadmap. It’s a week-by-week virtual guide expertly designed to teach you how to understand your body and its cravings, and how best to take care of yourself.

To get you thinking in the right direction, Robyn has put together a delicious and nutritious fall dinner party menu just for us.


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