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To launch SeaWheeze 2013, our Ambassador Program Manager Rob headed down to Austin, Texas last week for the kickoff party. Why was the party in Texas instead of Vancouver, you ask?

Two special people in the Austin community have crushed a very big goal and made some SeaWheeze dreams come true in the process. See Rob tell their story below.

two crazy austin kids with a dream

I love ambassadors. These people amaze me everyday with their energy and passion for what they do. Of course, I'm a little biased since I was an Ambassador for the Robson store here in Vancouver in my previous life as a personal trainer. In my present life (which is, hands down, my best life), I work here at lululemon as the Ambassador Program lead. I feel like I have the best job in the world because I get meet and support all of these amazing people.

Last week, I was in Austin, Texas visiting two of our newer Ambassadors, Chris McClung and Jenn Howard-Brown. They had contacted me back at the end of 2012 with a seemingly crazy goal: they were going to have 150 of their running group participants sign up and travel to Vancouver for SeaWheeze 2013. I'm a firm believer in living in possibility, but even this idea seemed as far fetched as me touching my toes in yoga class (I curse you hamstrings).

Fast forward to February 2013. The SeaWheeze had sold out and our two upstart Austin Ambassadors had rallied their troops to register 150 of their runners to come to Vancouver. A perceived improbability gradually morphed into an inevitability. Chris and Jenn, in partnership with our two Austin Stores and the community of Austin Ambassadors took this goal and literally ran with it. On February 27th, the Austin community celebrated SeaWheeze style: RUN. YOGA. PARTY.

The party started at home base at Chris and Jenn's home base, Rogue Running (the run coaching company that Chris co-owns). Slowly, the runners started filling the space and eventually more than 200 runners were spilling onto the streets. It was time to run. After a Mel Gibson-in-Braveheart type-speech where Chris stood up and congratulated everyone for helping them achieve their goal, we started out onto the streets of downtown Austin. Our first stop: the Austin Capital building lawn.

As the sun slowly dipped we got to the the Capital, where Yoga Ambassadors Leah Culis, Shelby Autry and Erinn Lewis were ready to take us through some twilight yoga. One of the highlights for me was meeting a runner who had never run a half before,  and was making the SeaWheeze her first. It was very touching. We then did some partner yoga where we actually went from warrior two into a thumb wrestle. She beat me handily (darn stubby thumbs).

Yoga was done and it was time to party. We ran to a beautiful place called Brazers Hall, where we would finish the night with a big luon party. It was awesome - a roof top patio, adult drinks, a photo booth, a seriously hip DJ and tons of good vibes.

Near the end of the night, Chris and I reminisced over that first conversation that we had about their goal. We looked at the 200 people who were there that night and Chris laughed, "wow, we did it!" You certainly did sir.

Next stop for the Austin run community: The SeaWheeze 2013. I can't wait to see them all again.

Chris and Jenn, we are so inspired by what you have created in the Austin community! How many of you are coming from outside of Vancouver to participate in SeaWheeze 2013?

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Woohoo!! Those are my running coaches!! They do such wonderful things for the Austin community, and I knew they’d crush their BHAG!!

Comment by Alexa — March 8, 2013 @ 4:53 pm

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