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For any of you who are single, for any of you who are married, for anyone out there who wishes to have a timeless love, read on.

We put such an importance on love: falling in love, finding the one, someone to complete us and so on. We seek love, importance and satisfaction from everything we do, but do we truly know the essence of what love is?

I thought I knew what it meant when said "you must have love for yourself before you can truly have love from another", but I only recently realized the concept had been lost on me. Have you also been in a relationship and thought "That's not what they are meant to do!", "why are they being like this?" or "they should know better!"? I think we all have. Sometime love can seem so one-sided and we can't seem to comprehend what our partner is thinking. The answer to our problems it seems, was right there in front of us.

A few weeks ago I started reading Eckhart Tolle's 'The Power of NOW' and it talks a lot about living in the present moment, our sense of identity and how our mind can trap us into a false reality. What really spoke to me was the video I found below on about love-relationships.

I really would recommend you watch it. It made me see myself in a different light, as well as my partner, and opened up my eyes to a life that could be lived with a true sense of love. Although I may not be in a constant state of presence, I am more aware and closer to attaining it. I hope it moves you also and opens your eyes to a truth hidden within us.

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