sexy, sweaty, black light yoga ft. goldie

Our latest Yoga Journal ad was shot in Boston at our ambassador Goldie’s black light yoga class. We caught up with her recently to learn more about how BLY began.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where did you grow up, and where do you live & teach now?

I was born in Minnetonka, Minnesota (Yep! Where the moccasins are made). I now live in Boston’s historical Beacon Hill neighbourhood, and walk across the lovely Boston Public Garden to teach at Back Bay Yoga studio.

How did black light yoga get started?

I wanted to teach a new class. I knew it would be vinyasa, but I wanted to offer something fresh, sexy, urban, and experiential.

I came across a Youtube video of a silent disco where there were black lights involved, and VOILA!! I thought. Wouldn’t it be cool to teach Black Light Yoga on a weekly basis instead of making it a big event once a year? Black lights were installed and I started to dream up the type of playlist I would create each week.

Black Light Yoga was born. Side note: this is not a trance-like club vibe with glow sticks and paint. Think sexy, sweaty, deep vinyasa.

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Are there any special concerns when doing a black light class that might not be present in a regular class?

There are definitely different and challenging elements to work with for both the students and the teacher. Have you ever tried to balance in Vrksasana (tree pose) with your eyes closed? When you’re looking for a drishti, chances are in a dark room filled with black lights, it becomes an internal gaze and the breath must be abundant.

Otherwise, balancing is more of a challenge than it normally might be for some.

Also, this is the type of class where alignment cues are verbalized. However, to stop the music and breakdown poses using a demo does not happen. I tell people BLY is experiential yoga. It’s an experience from start to finish.

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I heard you used to be an educator, is that right? What was the transition like to ambassador, and were you teaching yoga at the time?

I was an educator for a few months in my transition from being a psychiatric Mental Health Counselor at Newton Wellesley Hospital to teaching yoga full time. The owner of the studio I work at came into lululemon to shop. She saw me folding pants, and asked me if I wanted to teach for her. Teaching at her studio would mean leaving lululemon and diving headfirst into the land of teaching.

I took the risk, and jumped! Best. Decision. Of. My. Life.

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What is an upcoming goal you recently accomplished, and one that you're currently working on?

Many yoga teachers tend to only practice yoga. I am quite the opposite.

Last weekend I ran Boston’s “Run to Remember” half marathon and my goal was to run it faster than the previous year. I ran it in 1:33!!! I was so pumped!

Two current goals of mine:
1. Do more athletic modeling.
2. Delve deeper into my yoga studies. I’m looking forward to doing a training module with Leslie Kaminoff and Tias Little in the fall.

Bring the black lights back to your home practice with Goldie's favourite playlist.

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Wow, perfect photos!!!

Comment by Josh Brancek — June 26, 2013 @ 11:48 pm

I have heard a lot about many forms of yoga practices but black light yoga is something that I just read from this blog of yours and I think it sounds pretty interesting as well. This form isn’t that prevalent in our country so thanks a lot for providing me with such a mesmerizing idea .Hopefully I will be able to convince people to start practicing this form and make it more popular in prasanthi yoga studio where I actually for yoga practicing. The photographs on your blog are just amazing .If you are to convince someone half of the work can be done by these photographs.

Comment by Lisa.Randall — July 20, 2013 @ 5:03 am

Hi lululemon, I love the tips and idea you have shared in this article. For me black light yoga is something that I just read from this blog of yours and I think it sounds pretty interesting as well. Looking forward to see more tips from you.

Comment by alex — December 18, 2013 @ 10:20 am

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