spring guide for summer, brother

We ladies aren't the only ones using the Spring season to get ready for Summer. Here's a secret from my brother: Boys wanna look good on the beach too. So here are a few tips for my brother and other fellas on gear and training for summer.

get running, get moving!

Exhibit A: My brother Dustin, 27 years old, nicest guy on the planet (literally).

  • Stats: 6'3", between a size L and XL
  • Recently dropped 60 pounds from eating healthier, running and swimming regularly.
  • Current goal: Looking to tone up, and considering a summer stroll with a lady hooked on his (growing) biceps.

Bachelor # 1 Dustin!

choose your gear and pay attention to details

A lot of guys don't realize how important their gear is to their training. You want gear that is seamless, moisture wicking, and basically won't get in the way of your workout. Being the good sister that I am, I traded Dustin his ratty gym clothes for the Run: Cross Country Tech and the Wave Shorts and here's why:

details men love

Dustin likes to run in board shorts because they are comfortable, and he can go for a swim after he sweats. (i.e. he does not need to take a shower in his eyes). Fair enough. Enter the Wave Shorts.

the wave shorts

  • Made from quick wicking stretch surf fabric = more range of movement, shorts will dry quick enough to run home without irritation
  • No sew technology = no chafing
  • Secure side zippers with drainage = no water weight, just a house key, so swim fast!

Dustin prefers running on cool mornings, but hates the process of over heating once his body is moving. Solution: Dustin swapped his baggy cotton t-shirt for the Run: Cross Country Tech.

run: cross country tech ls

  • Made from luxtreme fabric = quick wicking, helps regulate body temperature
  • Flat seams = no chaffng
  • Thumbholes = Keeps your sleeves in place, and keeps your hands warmer on chilly days.

choose your tunes and stretch

Now that you have your gear, take care of your body with a stretch. It will help your muscles reach peak performance, and it will also help with injury prevention. (Just a tip brother, girls will want to be active this summer, and not wheel you around if it can be avoided, so take care of yourself).

quad stretches are essential before runs!

Get some beats that kick your butt. Dustin prefers a mix of Guns N Roses, and Jay-Z ("99 Problems" is his personal favourite for running). Just make it loud, so you’re not tempted to slow down. Three months until shirtless BBQs and beach combing, so tuck your iPod into the side pocket and get moving.

"don't stop believvvinnggg!"

choose your workout

With a loaded iPod and summer dreams in your side pocket, hit the pavement and make the beach your gym today.

run down the boardwalk

Park benches are not for interval bursts and not breaks. Adding some push-ups into your run adds a burst of energy, and hits all major muscle groups. (Great plank-like form Dust).

10 quick push ups for a burst of energy

After you make it to the beach (running 2.5 miles with random push-ups), it’s time for a nice dip.

kick off your shoes, stretch tall, gaze out onto the sea and go!

Kick off your shoes, stretch out your run, and brave the thought of taking your shirt off for the first time this season in public…


Move over Hasselhoff, Dustin's on your beat now.

shake out the salt water of your hair (don't worry your shorts will dry real quick!)

The Wave Shorts will probably dry before you can put on your shoes. So there’s no excuse not to shake out your hair, put your shirt back on and run another 2.5 miles home.

Way to go dude, you're one step closer to your summer goal.

What are your goals for summer?

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Summer goal is to cut down my time on the Grouse Grind from 50 minutes (which was the first and only time I’ve done it) to 45 this summer.

Comment by Brendan — March 27, 2010 @ 8:06 am

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