5 books to help your soul search


Let's get real for a second… life is as much about pain, shame, break ups and break downs as it is about smiles, sunshine and rainbows. You have to appreciate contrast right? What would a high five situation feel like without a day-draining sob sesh? It's not that we just get through hard moments, it's how we do. Legit coping strategies might be the difference between wild, infinite success (on your terms) and addiction, chronic illness or depression. If you feel like you are one of these five people below, I can absolutely guarantee you will find something useful in one of these five books:
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Have you read any of these five gems? Did you feel they were particularly helpful for what you're going through right now? Share it with us below.

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My husband and I read The Five Love Languages early in our marriage. It has been a wonderful resource for us! Even now, 28 years of marriage later, we still refer to this book and what we learned from it. We apply the love language principles not only to our relationship, but we use them to speak our children’s love languages as well. There’s no greater way to feel love than to have someone speak your love language! I highly recommend this book to help you better understand yourself as well as the people around you. You’ll learn how to connect with them and show them love in a way that they truly understand.

Comment by Christina Medina — September 12, 2013 @ 3:54 pm

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