sweat your heart out in silverescent

We developed Silverescent(™) technology for one reason: we don’t want the tops that we really sweat in to smell anymore.

Interestingly, this wasn't a battle against sweat—we love sweat, and the sweat itself does not stink. It is the bacterias that feed off sweat that predominantly cause odours. So imagine our stoke about a technology called X-STATIC® that's anti-bacterial.


It's a yarn that's got pure 99.9% silver permanently bonded on a nylon yarn, and it stops odour-causing bacteria from embedding itself into the yarns. The anti-stink is there with you as long as that garment is with you—and there's other benefits, too.

Hear our product team talk about our anti-stink Silverescent(™) technology and how it makes rank workout gear a thing of the past.

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