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creatures of the night

While we are busy catching precious Zs, more than just raccoons are roaming the city streets. From rollerbladers to bikers to runners – groups of people all over the world are coming together at the darkest of hours to explore a whole ‘nutha level of nightlife fun. Who knew? To our most active night owl […]

run, run, rudolph

Either the holiday bug has bitten us or someone has spiked our apple cider. From peppermint lattes to festive (and questionable) Christmas sweaters, our spirits are shining brighter than Rudolph’s nose on even the foggiest of nights. Balancing celebrations with an active lifestyle can sometimes be a challenge. Before we slip into our sparkly party […]

see you on the flip side

Above: Our lululemon race volunteers and cheer squad keep the energy high! Usually on race day, I’d get up early to eat a small breakfast, get dressed, and get stretched for the kilometres ahead. Yesterday, I woke up earlier than usual on race day, but with none of the same concerns that I would normally have as […]

how to pick the right race

How to find the right race for you. Step one: conquer your head games.