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coachella playlist 2012

Last year, Alexis advised people heading to Coachella on the plateaus and pitfalls of getting awesome in the music festival circuit. She wrote her entry from a wistful yet wise point-of-view, dispensing such sage advice as “your sunglasses will be in every photo – if they are the weak link in your bag, fix it” […]

living in the moment: coachella

If you are reading this in the back seat of a car while en route to Palm Springs for the Coachella Music Festival, congratulations! You have made a fantastic life decision. Our resident music maven couldn’t agree more. Inspired by Coachella, Alexis offered to share her sage advice on the subject of summer concerts. We happily obliged (and took feverish notes).

black out playlist

As a child, the dark was something to be feared, held at bay by the magic of nightlights and parents’ stories. As a teenager ‘after dark’ represented party time and freedom from those prying parental eyes. The black is back! Are you going to run and hide or just keep on running? (We suggest the latter.)

our no shame workout playlist

What started as an entertaining facebook thread around the office has turned into a hilarious soundtrack, a big hairy audacious playlist, if you will.

We’re going on record here. If you can honestly say you don’t own this music already, you can claim we recommended you invest in it. We won’t tell.

happy valentine’s day?

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here. (Insert sighs of anticipation or disgust here.) Our resident DJs created playlists for the lovers and the haters: one for working out, one for afterward. Each is around thirty minutes. No matter how you celebrate/avoid the holiday, you’re covered. for the lovers Work it out “If you’re a hopeless […]

meet us on monday – alexis

your first impression at the ssc Meet Alexis! Her smile is one of the first things you see if you visit the Store Support Centre – so take advantage of this ice breaker! what is something unique or surprising about you? People are going to laugh when I say this, but I would consider myself […]