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legs up the wall

Our Toronto ambassador David Good wants you to stop what you’re doing and put your legs up the wall. Read on to find out why he’s so passionate about this restorative yoga pose, and then find a wall near you and put those legs up! In this fast paced world, everyone is working longer and […]

eoin finn: how did i get here?

“What surfing has taught me about life: when to paddle, when to relax, and when to ride a wave and enjoy yourself as much as possible.” – Eoin Finn Our ambassador Eoin Finn – a yogi, surfer, and blissologist – shares what surfing has taught him about how to navigate through life and get where […]

lisa brooking: how did i get here?

“Do what you love. Keep pushing through. The good times will come.” – Lisa Brooking Everyone needs a reminder now and then to do what you love. For our Coquitlam ambassador Lisa Brooking, a tough race turned into a motivational experience that encouraged her to keep following her passion: running. watch the video

ryan leier: how did i get here?

“I realized the true power of yoga and how it was healing me on a pretty deep level. It wasn’t just healing my body but it was healing my relationships and reconnecting me to something sacred.” – Ryan Leier Epiphanies. Ah-ha moments. Game-changers.  Call them what you want, we have all experienced those pivotal moments […]

catching up with jessica

You know you’re hardcore when you live in New York and declare your love for winter running. Meet Brooklyn Showroom ambassador and Hot Bird Running co-founder, Jessica Green and learn how she went from law degree to running the streets – and everything else in between.  Travel bag, meet my foam roller! The Grid by […]

catching up with gina

In a city that never sleeps, Springfield Avenue store ambassador, Gina Pachkowski, is an expert at finding stillness in the hustle and bustle. Check out our video and read below to find out more about this meditating yogi. This blanket was made in India from Sarees and is just super cool!. This Buddha sits comfortably […]

catching up with tom

This guy takes on mile after mile with his best buddy at his side – I mean look at that furry face, could you leave Tom behind? Watch the video and read below to learn more about this dynamic running duo featuring our Soho store ambassador, Tom Cripps and his canine sidekick, Footyboots. I wore […]

catching up with kate

If one thing is certain about Kate, it’s that she’s hardcore and badass (no fake sweat was added in the filming of this video).  A yoga teacher, spin instructor and Union Square ambassador – Kate is an inspiration. Check out some of her favourite things and learn a few fun facts about her. I love […]

how to train your brain

The week before your marathon is here and you’ve been training your body for months. But what about your brain? Chicago educator Gina asked our ambassador Lizzi Edwards for three things you can do that’ll help you get your head in the race, too. My eyes are closed but my mind races. I am seeing […]

back to centre with sattva yoga

Oh hello September, we didn’t see you there! Somewhere between last-call BBQ plans and checking off the final items on our summer bucket lists, September crept up on us with zero to no warning. As we desperately try to embrace the onset of fall, we take comfort in the promise of routine that usually comes […]