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in a city divided, yoga unites

Several weeks ago, the yoga community in Washington DC was shaken up by news that our ambassador, Michael Hall had been a victim of an attack as he and his partner were walking near their temporary apartment (their permanent residence was destroyed in a fire earlier in June). Our Logan Circle store manager, Emma, shares […]

yoga at the plains of abraham

This wasn’t just any outdoor yoga event. For starters, its location was at the historic Plains of Abraham in Quebec City, a former battleground now a green space home to global festivals and celebrations. Plans came together using only a Facebook event page and word of mouth to communicate. Was it enough to reach the […]

you asked, we answered: run training 101

Rob, our SeaWheeze TackleBox trainer and Emma, our expert nutrition partner at Vega, took over our social channels for a one-hour live Q & A.  We’ve compiled some of the most valuable questions to help you tackle the SeaWheeze half marathon… 3 weeks and counting! tips from our experts Q: Hey Rob – I’m struggling […]

ignite your fire

Often we let fear of failure, judgment and worst of all, our own ego stand in the way of “living the dream”. Those thoughts can trump possible happiness, success and living a life you love – but why? Meet Atlanta’s Howell Mill Ambassador, Neda Honarver, and read about her journey to the dream life. how […]

flex, hugs, and rock ‘n roll

Eoin Finn has been our ambassador almost as long as we’ve been making black stretchy pants. In preparation for a summer full of outdoor yoga and music, Eoin takes a look at the relationship between the two and how they have evolved together. music and yoga: a strange evolution The yogis who practiced in the […]

meet nico luce

The first time Nico Luce tried yoga, he found it boring and so slow that he didn’t try it again for eight years. That was 20 years ago in Argentina, and since then Nico has become certified in various lineages such as Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Pilates, and is influenced by everything from dark chocolate […]

go hard! then take it easy

The quickest path to landing yourself on the injured list is to run too much, too soon. Endurance training is an art; every runner has to figure out what they love about it and what works for them. Georgetown store run ambassador, Heather Calcote, tells us how she balances her training in the midst of […]

five post-run poses for better recovery

You’ve done your pre-run stretch and you rocked it out on the road. You are a running superstar! With the hard part over, it’s time to kick off your  shoes and let the recovery begin. Before you hit the couch, give this light, wall-based Jasyoga sequence a go to help prevent muscle stiffness and keep […]

how to side crow

Side Crow, aka Parsva Bakasana, might be the closest you get to breakdancing. Whistler ambassador, Julia McCabe outlines two ways to get into the pose. Side crow can be performed on it’s own or as a transition into eka pada koundinyasana. It’s also taught by teachers using either both arms or one arm as the […]

five pre-run poses for better running

Whether you’re donning your first pair of trail kicks or training for your fifth marathon, adding a little yoga to your routine is a great way to amp up your run. Seattle University Village store ambassador, Erin Jasmine Taylor, shows us a five-minute, pre-run Jasyoga sequence that will help warm you up, align your stride […]