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the ambassador project

Chances are high you’ve seen Tess’ name around Twitter and our Facebook page, answering your product questions or handing out virtual high fives for recent goals crushed. As one of our incredibly social savvy team members – Tess spends her days pursuing the internet and chatting with some of the coolest people out there (like […]

wanderlust whistler recap

After the first Wanderlust Whistler was announced back in February, we got our yoga festival on in Vermont, Colorado and Tahoe, but nothing was more special than having this weekend of yoga and music happen in our own backyard. Watch our recap of the festival: And check out a few photos highlighting what we got […]

the secret life of errick mcadams

trainer tip: how to burpee

Was that a groan we just heard? In an effort to transform our relationship with burpees from fearful to fun, we asked one of our favourite trainers and Logan Circle ambassador, Errick McAdams, to break down the drill for us. We’ll know we’ve mastered it when we have a smile as big as Errick’s when […]

finding inspiration in all the right places

finding inspiration in all the right places (aka twitter) I have a confession.  While I enjoy quotes, lyrics and inspirational messaging very much, I like to come across them by accident. Call me quixotic but I like inspirational material to make an immediate and surprisingly profound impact in the moment. This is why I love […]

chris chavez in the house

We love Chris Chavez – so much so that we’re always calling him up to play when he’s in town. The yoga instructor and longtime lululemon ambassador opened up his house (and heart) and let us peek into his life as a yogi. *Spoiler alert: it involves a dedication to practice, a lot of travel […]

yoga. music. wanderlust. whistler!

What are you doing on August 23-26, 2012? The first-ever Wanderlust Festival in Canada is taking place in Whistler, BC, and we couldn’t be more stoked to be hosting this huge yoga and music experience in our own backyard. what is wanderlust? Yoga. Music. Dancing. Mountains. Put all those together and add amazing yoga instructors, […]

compression obsession: yay or nay?

From brightly coloured knee-highs to calf and arm sleeves, compression garments promise better muscle recovery and in some cases, better performance. We couldn’t help but wonder if the obsession with compression is truly game-changing or just a goofy style throwback to the days of Keds and tube socks. We asked two of our run ambassadors if they buy into the gear.

best of ask a yogi

Over the past year you’ve poured your hearts out to our ambassadors and asked them all of your deepest, darkest, yoga questions from studio etiquette to injury prevention. Here’s a roundup of the top 10 Ask a Yogi highlights from 2010. help! i sweat so much in yoga that i slip “Even in non hot […]

meet eoin finn

‘Tis the season for goal setting! Meet lululemon ambassador, Eoin Finn, who is about to celebrate a huge goal with the launch of the Blissology Project in January 2011: describe yourself in 5 words Tuned into something very big. what are your 1-year, 5 year and 10 year goals? One year goal: By January 2011 […]