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find the right yoga for you

Interested in yoga but confused about which style to try? Here’s Oli with an overview and tips on how to find a kind of yoga that works for you. As a yoga teacher, I get asked daily about which yoga is right, wrong, better or worse. Truthfully, you need to find a style that speaks […]

living the manifesto: week 1

I am seven days in to living the manifesto. Eating well, drinking fresh water, sweating once and a day and doing things that scare me left and right. One thing I committed to early on was to return to my daily yoga practice and have rocked the first series of Ashtanga on the beach in […]

ask a yogi: how to begin yoga

Danielle answering your questions on how to get started with yoga Remember when we asked you for your yoga questions for our inaugural Ask a Yogi series? Well, we’re back, with answers! Read on for part 1 of Danielle’s responses: How to Begin. you asked… Do you have any recommendations for people who are interested […]

flows, yoga poses and farewells

The first experience I had with Ashtanga yoga was two years ago in a studio just north of Toronto. Every Tuesday & Thursday evening, a popular instructor from the city taught beginner and intermediate level classes to a growing community. For ninety minutes, I was in a room with thirty-nine other deep breathing yogis, immersed […]

yoga is not mine

They say greatness isn’t inherited, it’s earned. And so it was for one man from a small village in the Southern end of India.  In July of 1915 during a full moon, Pattabhi Jois was born into what would become a truly inspiring life. Under the teachings of Sri T. Krishnamacharya (the grandfather of Ashtanga […]