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revolution week four

Until the Digital 40 Days challenge, Allison had never done more than 4 days of yoga in a row. In Week 4, she let go of what she thought yoga was and began creating her own definition. meet allison name: Allison Forsyth role at lululemon: Event manager current hometown: Vancouver random fact: My left lower […]

revolution week two

If you’re just joining us, we’ve just finished the second week of the Digital 40 Days challenge – a program combining yoga, meditation, and guided questions via email and podcasts – and this week’s recap is brought to you from Danne, who you may remember as our Wanderlust Vermont scribe. meet danne name: Danne Dzenawagis […]

revolution week one

When’s the last time you committed to something for 40 days? The Digital 40 Day Challenge – part yoga, part meditation, part personal revolution – is in full swing, and this week Parker from our Leadership Development team is here to recap her Week One experience. Read on for more! meet parker name: Parker Pearson […]

time for a revolution

Let’s skip over the part where I talk about the indulgences of the holiday season and cliches about fresh starts: 2013 is almost here and a lot of us are looking for a meaningful way to start the new year. Enter: the Digital 40 Days program by Baron Baptiste. Move over, resolutions. It’s time for […]

meditation for possibility

Whatever you’re doing, whoever you are, and wherever you are in the world, the last meditation in our series with Baron Baptiste was made for you. When’s the last time you dropped everything to remind yourself that you can do anything? Do it now. Take two minutes to listen to this Meditation for Possibility. If […]

meditation for email overload

Email apnea: Holding one’s breath unconsciously while reading an email. (source) I first learned this term at last year’s San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference during a talk called Digital Distractions and Your Practice. The fact is, many of us hold or shorten our breath when opening our inbox, while responding to emails, or while working […]

meditation for your yoga rut

what’s a yoga rut? It’s happened to me and it’s likely happened to you before, too: the yoga rut. What is a yoga rut, you ask? It looks like this: your friend asks you to a class and you have to think twice. Your favourite yoga pose is boring you. You’re frustrated that after x […]

meditation for your inner athlete

It was the night before running the SeaWheeze in August and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to sleep. I’d trained all I could train, I’d been staying hydrated on the advice of Trainer Rob, and I had my lucky outfit ready to go, but it was my first half marathon and I was […]

baptiste immersion: from brandyns mat

Last week, Deanne shared her experiences from the Baron Baptiste Power Flow Immersion in Estes Park, Colorado. The opportunity allowed yogis to immerse themselves in the disciplines of Baptiste Yoga and to open and strengthen the mind, body and spirit. While everyone attends the same immersion, experiences differ from mat to mat. Brandyn, our assistant manager at the Shops at West End, shares her experiences from the same three-day conference.

three days of baptiste yoga “not nearly enough”

Deanne, one of lululemon’s founders and the VP of Women’s Product, attended the Baron Baptiste Immersion in Colorado last week. She was moved to share her experience with us.