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sweat, tears and goal setting

5:37:34 This is the time it took Kat, our junior people program manager,  to ride her borrowed steel bike from Vancouver to Whistler in her first GranFondo in 2011. 4:00:00 The time she set her sights on to complete the same grueling course in 2012. How was she going to knock an hour and 37 […]

BHAG alert: 365 days of sweat

If you were to look up the words “inspiration” and “possibility” in the dictionary we’re quite certain you’d find our former educator, Betsy’s, name listed in their descriptions (hey Oxford, we’re proposing a rewrite). Not only did she find the courage to leave an unfulfilling career in HR to follow her dreams of being a […]

tips from a goal coach

We’re all about turning our can’ts into cans and dreams into plans (ahem, goals).  We got Jenna, our superstar goal coach, to host a live goal-coaching session with our socialsphere. Missed the event? NBD. Here’s a recap and Jenna’s own recipe for creating a life you love. what would you do if you knew you […]

welcome to goal week!

what’s the goal of goal week? Goal-setting 101. Goal sharing. Goal coaching. Goosebumps. what to expect Each day we’ll be sharing goal-setting stories and tips to inspire and help you create meaningful goals that work for you. You’ll hear from both goal setters and coachers across our company. We’re going to give you the tools […]