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finding the fun in fondo

This past weekend, thousands of cyclists took to the Sea to Sky Highway here in Vancouver to ride the third annual Whistler GranFondo. We’re talking about a 120K, mostly uphill climb. One of our writers, Ella, rose to the challenge and shared the ten things she was thinking about between moments of telling her legs […]

creatures of the night

While we are busy catching precious Zs, more than just raccoons are roaming the city streets. From rollerbladers to bikers to runners – groups of people all over the world are coming together at the darkest of hours to explore a whole ‘nutha level of nightlife fun. Who knew? To our most active night owl […]

keeping your sweet ride sweet

A few weeks ago, the lululemon lab hosted a 101 on bike maintenance with support from a local bike shop. Here’s a few of the things we learned when it comes to keeping our sweet ride, sweet. tired out you know it’s time to replace your tires when… • The rubber looks cracked • The treads […]

meet the bmc men’s cycling team

The life of a professional cyclist is hardly a glamorous one – it’s physically exhausting (try roughly 80 serious races a year) and mentally exhausting (and here I thought riding the seawall on a sunny Saturday required a strategy). In January we said “hasta la vista” to Vancity and headed to Denia, Spain to hang […]

biker chicks

We headed down to the golden state to peek into the lives of Jacki and Mary Beth who have commuting in Cali down to a tee. Whether they’re headed to work, yoga or the farmers market, they swear that two wheels are better than four.

we bike it like that

There is nothing (literally nothing) that could make us want to bike to work like the prospect of looking this chic on our wheels. While we’ll leave biking in a maxi dress to the Europeans (aka the pros) our commuting capsule has got us inspired to saddle up. Looks a side, we asked University Village […]

meet the specialized-lululemon team

The minute we mixed all-star athletes and badass bikes we were bound to develop a schoolgirl crush (sweat is the way to our heart, after all). We are beyond stoked to support the Specialized-lululemon cycling team so we jumped at the first chance to spend a little one-on-one time with them. We headed down to […]

gearing down after the gran fondo whistler

They say things don’t always translate well into English and in our opinion ‘Gran Fondo’ is one of those things. The Italian phrase loosely translates to “big race” but we can’t help but think that “big” doesn’t quite do the enormity of the challenge any justice.

running tips: how to cross train

Ask any runner and you’ll find they’ve experienced some form of love or hate relationship with crosstraining and, like most relationships, it’s complicated.

letter to the light up cycling clothing line

Dear Light Up Cycling Line, I heart you big time. Here are the top 6 reasons why (that’s right, I couldn’t stop at 5): reflective taping 1. It may be obvious, but the reflective taping on the back is awesome. On my white jersey, you can’t even see the taping until light hits it. The […]