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let your spine be loose like seaweed

Blissologist, yogi, surfer, lululemon ambassador…Eoin Finn is closely connected to and inspired by the ocean. Our yoga storyteller Alana recently sat down with Eoin to find out how his passion for yoga and the ocean relate to one another. alana: what does it mean to make our spine loose like seaweed? Should i do this in every yoga pose? […]

eoin finn: how did i get here?

“What surfing has taught me about life: when to paddle, when to relax, and when to ride a wave and enjoy yourself as much as possible.” – Eoin Finn Our ambassador Eoin Finn – a yogi, surfer, and blissologist – shares what surfing has taught him about how to navigate through life and get where […]

blissed out with eoin finn

He’s been one of our ambassadors since the dawn of the Groove Pant. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood around him. If you haven’t experienced Eoin Finn, either in person or on DVD, you have a good thing coming. Read on. Eoin (pronounced “Ian”) Finn is not a yoga instructor – not entirely, at least. […]

meet eoin finn

‘Tis the season for goal setting! Meet lululemon ambassador, Eoin Finn, who is about to celebrate a huge goal with the launch of the Blissology Project in January 2011: describe yourself in 5 words Tuned into something very big. what are your 1-year, 5 year and 10 year goals? One year goal: By January 2011 […]