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yoga in the dark

Given that the Northern Hemisphere is currently in its darkest time of year, it seemed fitting that at last week’s Underground Yoga class in Vancouver, ambassadors Suzanne and Frankie lead over 200 of us through a practice that honoured the darkness within us. why we should honour the dark We talk a lot in yoga […]

why they love their bodies

Nicole, a photographer and educator at lululemon Eaton Centre in Toronto, asked guests and educators what their favourite body part is and why. rebecca I love my collarbone because it is so defined and makes me feel oh so beautiful and womanlike, especially when I’m dancing, modeling, acting and walking! marlissa I love my arms […]

achieve a goal? celebrate!

Feeling inspired a couple months ago by a Youtube video (which may or may not have involved a cat wearing a top hat), I created this structure out of locally sourced materials (the second floor kitchen) and declared it the Goal Hat. Ever since then, I’ve been waiting for someone on the online team to […]

congratulations team saxo bank!

As the most epic bike race on the planet, the Tour De France, fades into our memory bank for this year. Here at lululemon, we are still celebrating the amazing success of Team Saxo Bank. From left to right: Jakob Fugslang (rider), Jacki Carr (lululemon Regional Community Guru), Andy Schleck (rider) Jessica Edwards (lululemon Regional […]

9 most-read lululemon blog posts 2010

Happy belated birthday to the lululemon blog, which turned one in April! Over the past year our blog has published content on everything from how to build a showroom to exercise breakthrough moments and getting started with yoga — all of it lovingly crafted by lululemon educators, managers, and employees worldwide. In celebration of our […]

afraid to succeed?

Embrace the good stuff in your life and celebrate with others. You know you want to! One of the quotes from our manifesto is “Do one thing a day that scares you” – and I totally do. I am the first to jump off a cliff into open water, I will show up into a […]

three days of dedication

This Fall I attended the opening ceremony for the Breast Cancer 3-Day benefiting Susan G. Komen for the cure. 2,200 participants came on Friday morning to kick off their walk around Chicagoland and dedicate the next 3 days and 60 miles to their mothers, friends, daughters, wives, teachers, husbands, and themselves. I am grateful to […]

give thanks

Above are Tiffany’s housemates, Fay, Emma, Kelsey, and Sarah, who are giving thanks to each other in little ways. To most university students, Thanksgiving brings the excitement of going home, spending time with old friends, and eating plenty of real, home-cooked meals. I have four housemates – Emma, Fay, Kelsey and Sarah – and we […]