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holiday stuff(ing) – week three

1. organize your christmasThe Christmas List app helps you organize your holiday shopping and keep you on track. 2. gift wrap galoreThere’s just something extra special about a gift that’s wrapped with care. We’re crushing on these. 3. there’s a new ornament in town.Our recruitment manager, Jacki, dusted off her finisher medals and used them […]

holiday stuff(ing) – week one

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 Oh, Hello December 1st – we see you creeping around the corner. The kick-off to fa-la-la-la-everything is officially here and even though it’s the most wonderful time of year, it’s also the busiest. We’re bringing you a five-week blog series full of holiday stuff(ing) to help take […]

it’s chai time

We can tell it’s the holidays because we’re knee deep in flour (the Vancouver equivalent to a white Christmas). Our Carlsbad store keyleader, Maiah, took to her kitchen determined to infuse some classic Christmas flavour and baking into her vegan diet. These cookies are quick to whip up and are the perfect combination of sugar […]

gifts we’re giving this year

Though we truly believe that there are no better presents than presence itself, it’s always fun to treat friends and family to gifts we know they’ll love. Here are some of the gifts our Digital Team is giving this year: 1. ezlinks.com If my dad could be anywhere, he’d be on a golf green so […]

run, run, rudolph

Either the holiday bug has bitten us or someone has spiked our apple cider. From peppermint lattes to festive (and questionable) Christmas sweaters, our spirits are shining brighter than Rudolph’s nose on even the foggiest of nights. Balancing celebrations with an active lifestyle can sometimes be a challenge. Before we slip into our sparkly party […]

uber-festive holiday playlist

Are you frantically trying to get your house together for a holiday party before your friends arrive in an hour? We get it. Three weeks ago, you serenely sent invites to all of your nearest and dearest for a cozy night of merriment and cheer. Now, the night is here and you’re frazzled, running around […]