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the possibility of a lunch hour

Ahh… summer. Chris leading us through an outdoor class last July. We talk about possibilities a lot at lululemon. It’s a simple idea, really. We all have opportunities to create amazing things out of nothing – things that may have not otherwise existed. Our global ambassador Chris Chavez knows how it’s done. He recently turned a potentially mundane […]

the gift of yoga in our stores

An outdoor yoga class at Bryant Park in New York last July. how we began lululemon began in 1998, after our founder Chip Wilson took a yoga class and recognized the need for clothes that move and breathe with you as you move through all kinds of yoga poses. More than 10 years later, lululemon […]

get fit with pole dancing

If there’s one manifesto quote I love, it’s ‘do one thing a day that scares you’. Whether it’s skydiving, making that dreaded phone call, giving feedback to a colleague, or just sharing your big hairy audacious goal, setting our sights on anything out of the norm can be a daunting task. But treading uncharted waters […]

letting go in nia class

Set your spirit free with a nia class!  Call me a skeptic, but I find it a bit silly to be slithering around like a snake on the gym floor reciting “ahhhhh, sexy spine” out loud. It was my first Nia class and I had trouble keeping a straight face. I couldn’t make eye contact […]

grade a lemonade

How SoHo turned lemons into lemonade.

(nearly) naked yoga

Naked yoga – or not?

turning tricks

Heels and exercising: together at last?

what do you eat before yoga?

What should you eat before yoga? SHOULD you eat anything before yoga?

the best things in life are free!

New to yoga? Try out different yoga classes and teachers… for free!