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falling in love with yoga

Way back In May, we started off the summer festival season with the claim that Wanderlust is for everyone (not just those yogis that can hold a handstand for 5 minutes). Five Wanderlust Festivals lived, five amazing journeys were told through the eyes of our Ambassadors and countless chuturangas and downward dogs completed – and […]

wall street decathlon

If ever you thought Wall Street was only about the bottom line, we’ve got a good counter argument for you. Wall Street may not be the first thing that comes to mind when the word “charity” is brought up, but this Sunday, July 28th, many of these men (and some ladies) have decided to ditch […]

beyond luon toronto | 2013

On June 18th at the Berkeley Church in Toronto, eight lululemon people shared how they are living a life they love beyond the luon walls. Leaving inspired, drunk on wonder and dwelling in serious possibility, Nicole Hudson shared her key takeaways from the event. I had seen the trailer, I had read some blog posts, […]

run. drive. sleep? repeat

A couple of weeks ago we told you about a group of 12 runners from our Toronto family who were brave (crazy?!?) enough to take on the Ragnar Relay – a 311km relay race from Cobourg to Niagara Falls, Ontario. We knew they would be badass (they are lululemoners after all), but we were amazed […]

wanderlust is waiting

Yoga on top of a mountain (NBD), at Wanderlust Whistler 2012. Last August, I had a conversation with someone who was nervous about attending her first-ever Wanderlust – the yoga and music festival that has four North American stops in summer 2013. “I don’t think I’m advanced enough to go,” she said. “Doing that much […]

beaver fever

What’s brown, purple and furry all over? get to know steve Steve the Pace Beaver is a four-wheeled, buck-toothed furmobile (read: vintage 1960 food truck). He’s been riding the streets of Toronto to and from local run clubs, parking along popular trails and paths through the downtown core, and leaving smiling and somewhat perplexed faces […]

gearing down after the gran fondo whistler

They say things don’t always translate well into English and in our opinion ‘Gran Fondo’ is one of those things. The Italian phrase loosely translates to “big race” but we can’t help but think that “big” doesn’t quite do the enormity of the challenge any justice.

we love summer. we love instagram

It’s no secret that we love summer. Nothing beats swimming laps with the hot sun on your back, or the view from savasana after an outdoor yoga class. We’ve rounded up photos from our digital team’s favourite summer moments, that is, when they had a spare second to snap them.

ride & reach: mountain biking & yoga retreat

Our bodies are feeling a little battered and bruised lately; trying to make the most of summer and inspired by the exploits of the Tour de France riders to go for long runs and bike rides. Our regular yoga practice goes a long way to strengthen our muscles and ease those aches and pains; Ryan Leech, lululemon Elite Ambassador, certified yoga instructor and mountain biker extraordinaire, is taking it to the next level.

9 most-read lululemon blog posts 2010

Happy belated birthday to the lululemon blog, which turned one in April! Over the past year our blog has published content on everything from how to build a showroom to exercise breakthrough moments and getting started with yoga — all of it lovingly crafted by lululemon educators, managers, and employees worldwide. In celebration of our […]